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Political Satire is a way of expressing discontent with the political environment by using sarcasm and what can be best described as “dark humor”. Most of the time, Political Satire is used to expose issues by ridiculing them. And that almost always includes ridiculing the responsible politicians. Let’s see this as occupational hazard for everyone who pursues a public career as politician. Political Satire isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and “funny” can also be very confronting and at times even politically dangerous. But hey, it’s Satire, you don’t have to like it.

Freedom of Speech and Political Satire have a love-hate relationship. The stronger the limitations on Freedom of Speech are, the louder Political Satirists will call upon the right to express their opinion. The less the limitations on Freedom of Speech are, the more Political Satire seems to be exploiting the same rights to express what, in most cases, has nothing to do satire or even politics. In fact, that is actually rather logical since there is no real need for political satire when anyone can express whatever is on their minds without having to hide behind satire as instrument.

Satire can also be seen as a side-effect of democracy and an instrument when democracy is less of a given. Satire can be seen as a way of expressing what many think but don’t say because it isn’t “politically correct” and for what it is worth, no one has to like it or agree with it. That’s also part of the game called democracy and freedom of speech.

And then there is Charlie Hedbo…

Once themselves the victim of a disgusting horrible act of terror, Charlie Hebdo seeks to always outdo their previous publications and even after the attack on their offices continues to do so. Seeking new heights or depths, depending on how you see it, and all under the cover of Political Satire and Freedom of Speech. Insulting an entire religion or population is as normal to Charlie Hebdo as it is for them to exploit catastrophes and human suffering. Charlie Hebdo knows no limits and in their need to outdo their previous tasteless publications, Charlie Hebdo has lost all control. There is no decency left in those behind Charlie Hebdo, no respect for human lives and most of all, no sense of compassion for those who lost their loved ones. Charlie Hebdo couldn’t have sunken deeper on the ladder of humanity and decency as with these abusive publications related to the crash of Flight 7K9268.


This sickening act of exploiting human suffering and abusing freedom of speech for the sole purpose of achieving commercial goals, read SELL MORE COPIES, has nothing to do with satire and even less with expressing opinions to which every human being is entitled. This act of abuse is nothing other than setting new limits for how far sick minds are willing to go at the costs of others. At the costs of the victims on board of Flight 7K9268. Harming those left behind, purposefully adding to the suffering and despair of those who have lost their loved ones in this tragic incident.


Abusing the loss of this beautiful sweet innocent little girl Darina. Only 10 months old when Darina gazed in amazement at the airplanes before departing with her parents. Boarded on this plane to return home after spending vacation like so many others. But Darina will never return. Darina will no longer fill the hearts of the people around her with the warmth of her smile. Darina will not learn new words. Her baby like way of walking will not become more stable with every time she tries to walk and learns and learns. Darina will not write her first words and over time develop her own handwriting and signature. Darina will not read her first book, she will not have her first day in school. Darina will not graduate. Darina will not get her first kiss from her first boyfriend. Darina will not once hold her own newborn baby in her arms and forget all and everything in the special magical moment.

Darina died on Flight 7K9268 with her parents and everyone else on board that plane. And Charlie Hebdo ridicules that, abuses the loss of this and all the other beautiful lives to sell copies. For the plain and simple reason that Charlie Hebdo lacks the intelligence to create moving content of their own and that everyone involved in Charlie Hebdo lacks the upbringing and values to even comprehend how far this goes beyond anything that is acceptable in a civilized society.

When Charlie Hebdo was attacked, the world cried out in outrage. JeSuisCharlie was the motto of showing unity and solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and those who have lost their loved ones during this disgusting terrorist attack. There was even a March of Unity, political leaders condemned this act of terror.

unity rallies in paris_22Jan15112037PM

There should again be a March of Unity, the masses expressing solidarity with everyone who lost their loved ones on board of Flight 7K9268, political leaders from all over the world marching arm-in-arm, condemning this act of terror. Crows chanting Je Suis Darina, the hashtag JeSuisDarina breaking the internet for days, for weeks. People changing their Avatar to black with just the name of this little angel. A warm blanket of mourning and compassion for those who will never return, for those who have to deal with the lives lost.

And with doing so, collectively condemning this act of inacceptable abuse by Charlie Hebdo.