Month: September 2018

WHY THIS PAGE Inspired by my friend Robin Clarke and his pretty cool readME on gitbub, I decided to create this page to share a little bit more about myself without so much focus on the professional side of being me. Things change and so do I, so there will be some updates here every-now-and-then. When needed, […]

A walk down memory lane – Part 3: The ’80s

The ’80s showed up with great music some people still prefer to listen to. Oranje started the second golden Dutch Football generation and I tried to make my Mama proud by acing my studies. Some wars ended, others started and escalated. Come along and take a walk with me down memory lane. As always, some […]

A walk down memory lane – Part 2: The ’70s

After the “roaring” ’60s, the ’70s kicked in. The space race was basically over, the Vietnam War was finally ending, the Dutch national football team Oranje reached new heights, and my personal life got turned upside down. These are the events that impressed me or had an impact on me during the ’70s. Some of […]

A walk down memory lane – Part 1: The ’60s

This is an overview of what moved me, impressed me, touched me during the 60’s. Some of this will only make sense when you’re Dutch 🙂 1961 Besides being the year I was born, 1961 was also the year in which President Kennedy promised to start manned missions to the moon. Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the […]