CHARLIE HEBDO: Insulting humanity under the cover of political Satire…

Political Satire is a way of expressing discontent with the political environment by using sarcasm and what can be best described as “dark humor”. Most of the time, Political Satire is used to expose issues by ridiculing them. And that almost always includes ridiculing the responsible politicians. Let’s see this as occupational hazard for everyone who pursues a public career as politician. Political Satire isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and “funny” can also be very confronting and at times even politically dangerous. But hey, it’s Satire, you don’t have to like it.

Freedom of Speech and Political Satire have a love-hate relationship. The stronger the limitations on Freedom of Speech are, the louder Political Satirists will call upon the right to express their opinion. The less the limitations on Freedom of Speech are, the more Political Satire seems to be exploiting the same rights to express what, in most cases, has nothing to do satire or even politics. In fact, that is actually rather logical since there is no real need for political satire when anyone can express whatever is on their minds without having to hide behind satire as instrument.

Satire can also be seen as a side-effect of democracy and an instrument when democracy is less of a given. Satire can be seen as a way of expressing what many think but don’t say because it isn’t “politically correct” and for what it is worth, no one has to like it or agree with it. That’s also part of the game called democracy and freedom of speech.

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