Do you trust password managers?

Password managers (programs that store all of your passwords under a single “master password” and sometimes across devices) have been around for years. The idea of password managers is great and leads to more people not using the same password for everything. Why would they when they can have software remember their unique passwords? But there has also been the dark side of password managers. Many let you sync your passwords across devices but they usually do this by storing them on a central server. Who are the authors of this software? Where are they? Where is the server? How well are your passwords protected? In this era of hearing about data breaches on a daily basis, many people want more control over their data. Especially passwords.

In our daily search for free and open source software, we came across Buttercup by Perry Mitchell & Sallar Kaboli of Helsinki, Finland. Their password manager is a breath of fresh air when it comes to user control. With Buttercup, any password is first encrypted with AES 256bit CBC mode with a SHA256 HMAC. Encryption is performed once the password has been salted and prepared with PBKDF2 at between 200-250k iterations. After that it’s saved where YOU want it to be saved. If you are only using Buttercup on one device then you simply store the password archive files on that device. If you want to use the same archive across devices, remote archives can be stored in a variety of service providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV-enabled services, such as Yandex.

Already use 1Password, Lastpass or KeePass? No problem. You can import your passwords from those programs by opening your archive and choosing Import from the menu. You also can export everything to .CVS format and open in a word processor or spreadsheet program.

Buttercup for Desktop has most folks covered by supporting the following languages: English (Default), Spanish, German, French, Russian, Farsi, Indonesian, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Finnish, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Romanian and Korean.

It’s available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Grab a copy from It’s totally free!

Happy computing!

Randy & Deanna (The Older Geeks)

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