Dumb Shit Randy Says

Hi! My name is Randy. I like to blabber stuff and think that is funny. I also hate to read. Heck, I don’t even read the stuff I post myself. No, I prefer to blabber stuff. Dumb stuff. Like making jokes about the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing by Nazi Germany. Some might think that is ignorant but I think it is funny. So funny that I just keep repeating it. And I also like to offer my advice without even reading a single word of what someone is dealing with. Reading is for sissies and that is why I always skip it. It could happen that I am wrong according to folks who read what I post but that is not my problem because a) they should follow my lead and just not read a single word, b) I am always right despite often having no clue what I am talking about, and finally c) my jokes are always funny even when they are as ignorant as making jokes about the Holocaust. What do I care about history and facts, heck, even about the links I share that just demonstrate that I neither read it nor understand it. I am Randy. I blabber stuff. Dumb stuff!

You can change the physical design of your mainboard by installing a driver update!

(as always I didn’t read what my friend wrote. Why should I? I just blabber dumb shit and keep telling him he is wrong)

Audio is passive!

(no it’s not and even I know that but what do I care, I am Randy so why leave an opportunity to blabber dumb stuff unused?!)

Even USHMM says Jewish Holocaust.

(I didn’t read the post I shared, I just googled it. If I would have read it, it would feel ashamed of my own ignorance. But I am Randy, I just blabber dumb shit)

Someone said something dumb.

(That’s my turf, get off my lawn immediately!)

I do not share commercial stuff because it goes on my company “website” but boy, do I enjoy making dumb unprofessional comments on posts from others…

(Hey, I am Randy, let the world know that I blabber dumb stuff!!!)

Look at my funny post!

(I copy stuff from Facebook a lot)

This is me, look at how funny I am!

(I still copy a lot of stuff from Facebook)

I have this dumb thing to irritate someone and I keep using it

(I found it on Facebook but I pretend it is my own joke cuz I’m Randy)

Stay tuned for more dumb stuff

Won't take long, I blabber a lot!


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