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A Super Fruit: Tamarind!

Tamarind is “Tamsugu or Tamsu” in Kanuri, “Tsamiya” in Hausa, “Eso Ajagbon” in Yoruba, “Ichekun Oyibo” in Igbo:  Health is wealth: Healthy eating, and healthy living; so it is advisable to eat and take food in its natural forms especially fruits and plants best of all is organic food. Nutritious food choices are vital to …

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A Must In Most Nigeria Weddings!

Nigerian wedding is an all-out affair that is full of fun costumes, bright colors, amazing cultural music, custom, and traditions of the ancestors; weddings in Nigeria are not just the joining together of two individuals but a marriage of two different families with unique lifestyles. The awesome unique wedding traditions of the most popular and …

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The Core Of Nigeria: Culture To Custom; Clothing To Cuisine!

Nigeria is known all over the world for its beautifully distinct and unique traditions, colorfully vibrant, so very rich in artifacts; the English language is officially and widely used for education, business transactions, and for other official purposes because it is well spoken by many whereby the very few speak the pidgin English. The indigenous …

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The Youth In Northern Nigeria!

POVERTY AND ILLITERACY: The lifestyle of the youth in Northern Nigeria is that of an uninformed individual, with an upbringing in a polygamous home; very few of these youths were given the opportunity of western education; starting off from the basic Quranic education in the neighborhood. Popularly known as the Almajiris, these little boys with …

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