My mother was a fantastic storyteller. Stories about her activities. Stories about the books she was reading. Stories about her plans. Stories I just could not get enough of. Saturday morning, curled up under the cover and listening to a story. For my mother, everything was a story and everything had a story to tell. […]

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The Plantain Tree Of Paradise!

The Plantain Tree Of Paradise!

The plantain fruit is historically documented to be native to Southeast Asia, whilst currently finding roots as a generally domesticated and cultivated plant across tropical and subtropical climates; globally the plantain is blooming in popularity as the most produced fruit and closely growing in importance as a very important food crop on the tails of

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A Date With Date Palms!

The date palm tree with the scientific name of Phoenix Dactylifera L. that is generally cultivated and domesticated in the Middle East, North and central Africa, southern and southeast Asia; where in Arabia and Morocco alone more than 40 varieties of dates are grown, the dates grows in huge bunches with giant trees producing a

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Ancient Nut Of The Shea Tree!

Ancient Nut Of The Shea Tree!

The Shea tree grows naturally in many African countries as a savanna woodland tree species while in Nigeria its natural habitat is in the wild, historically the tree can survive and thrive for more than 200 years; a visit across northern regions in Nigeria, the Shea trees are seen adorning many households and community backyards

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Fruitful Fresh Fruits!

A fruit is the edible, fleshy or pulpy part of a ripened ovary that contains the seeds of a flowering plant or tree; fruits usually consist of mostly soft and succulent tissues often sweet scenting of nature, it may either be fleshy or dry fruits on the plant or tree, simply put fruits are naturally

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