My mother was a fantastic storyteller. Stories about her activities. Stories about the books she was reading. Stories about her plans. Stories I just could not get enough of. Saturday morning, curled up under the cover and listening to a story. For my mother, everything was a story and everything had a story to tell. …

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Sugar Africa Nigeria Food Culture

Sweet Sugarcane Sustainability!

Sugarcane is one of the sweetest crops in the world but sugarcane cultivation and processing has a bitter environmental impact on regions or locations for producing sugarcane yet it can be produced in the most environmentally, socially and economically sustainable ways. Sugarcane was believed to have been domesticated at about 8000BC in New Guinea, which …

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recycling SDGs

Treasure It Do Not Trash It!

Waste is any materials that is unwanted and unusable generally referred to as garbage or junk in and around surroundings which are often wastes generated from households, public offices, industries and factories; thus categorized into industrial, commercial, domestic, and agricultural waste. Industrial waste includes plastic, glass and chemicals which are often dump into rivers, oceans …

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Happy New Year Nigeria Africa

Happy New Year 2022!

Nigerian vibrant culture, costumes, and cuisines will be on display during the holiday season, beginning for weeks all through to the eve and new year day celebrations. The new year is celebrated by people of all faiths and religion in Nigeria due to the fact that the Gregorian calendar is used by all in Nigeria …

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Just a poem

My heart knows I am taken, but my brain says I am free.I’ll give all I have to give, until I am all you expect from me. I will work harder and longer, until I can offer all you need.It just that I was hoping that I would be all you need. My heart says …

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