My mother was a fantastic storyteller. Stories about her activities. Stories about the books she was reading. Stories about her plans. Stories I just could not get enough of. Saturday morning, curled up under the cover and listening to a story. For my mother, everything was a story and everything had a story to tell. …

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top view photo of men playing board game

The Youth In Northern Nigeria!

POVERTY AND ILLITERACY: The lifestyle of the youth in Northern Nigeria is that of an uninformed individual, with an upbringing in a polygamous home; very few of these youths were given the opportunity of western education; starting off from the basic Quranic education in the neighborhood. Popularly known as the Almajiris, these little boys with …

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Looking back at 2020

I think none of us could have expected what 2020 would bring at the beginning of this year, especially not me. Full of expectations in my private and professional life, I was looking forward to 2020 like I can not remember ever having looked forward to a new year. And it started good, too. Until …

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