Self-Sufficiency And Self Sustainability!

Are you self sufficient, can you sustain yourself?
Even though, it is often said that “No man is an island!” Still a man must struggle to survive and stay alive, even if alone on an island; but how? You will want to ask… Read to the end to know how it can be achieved.
Worthy of note here is that people unknowingly have for long practiced and lived a self sufficient life if not totally then partially, formalizing it is where all the hypes step in; the self sufficient living seems to be the problem for many but it is a mindset journey that the physical self can successfully follow through to where ever the self endurance ends. Self sufficiency is the ability to provide for self with no reliance on others in the outside world while self sustainability is the ability to provide for all the needs for self, as long as it last by establishing a sustainable system and practices to make it work for a long time if not for life; therefore, self sufficiency is short-term while self sustainability is long-term.
The first step is to be aware of the mental and physical resources in rhythm with lifestyle; a way of living that will sustains both the mental and physical agility in shifting effortlessly from one rhythm to the next as quickly as possible when it is needed especially in times of turmoil. It is necessary to learn how to be agile in order to avoid burn out, to also improve mental and physical health which all boils down to self care of the mind, body and soul. The spiritual state of the mind is vital, hence it is necessary to have a place of prayer or meditation, and a place for the body to engage in physical exercise; note that working in the homesteading activities is completely different from taking out time to work out.

Sustainability is the ability of self to develop or learn skills to survive, that will lead to growth and prosperity while self sustainability is to be in control of that ability, hence self-sufficiency is self-sustenance, self-reliance, self-support, self-standing, independence, autonomy; it is all about living within ones own means by not going out of the way to seek from others thereby going into debts in order to sustain a life one can not afford, learning to live smart while at it whilst saving money in the process. The idea to be self sufficient more than ever before was further fixated in the lives of people across the globe due to the devastating and destructive impacts of the covid-19 pandemic, consequently the new coronavirus omicron variant. Therefore only time will unfold what the climate changes would let loose on the people and the planet; if the right thing at the right time is not done to reduce and reverse further climate crisis. Human activities are responsible for Climate change that is now threatening every aspect of human life, the rapid climate change of fierce global warming leading to devastating heat waves, world food shortages due to deadly droughts, while millions of people are daily losing their ancestral homes to the sensational sea level rise, the re-occurring frightening bush fires that suddenly turns beautiful homesteads into flames and ashes within seconds whilst farmlands turns into the desert overnight. Above all the irreversible losses and staggering extinction of rare plant and animal species in the ecosystem, consequently climate change is daily threatening and consuming lives and livelihood.

Self-Sufficiency And Self Sustainability!
Self-Sufficiency And Self Sustainability!

Sustainability Is Self Care
Self sufficiency and sustainability last a whole lifetime; it is absolutely difficulty to be totally self sufficient in fulfilling every essential in the life of the self, because at some point in someone’s life there would be a need, that only someone outside the self can fulfill such as the need of essential resources and relationship for continuity. Self sufficiency becomes a necessity for personal survival and development that is independent in meeting some essential needs when it becomes vital; therefore, the self can strive and thrive on areas best suited to personal needs not wants but in situations when the self is limited in skills or resources, here comes in the community relationship and the economy in fulfilling the “want” to meeting up with the “need” for self.  The self sufficient life involves a simple living, changing ones lifestyles to a simpler, easier and lighter way of life. Reduce worldly possession because it weighs down body, mind, heart and soul. Simply put that one can not have every thing because there is no place to take it to; live and let’s live. Simple lifestyle is a means of saving income by not wasting money on unnecessary households gadgets and tools, buying the latest brand of cars to impress those who do not matter. Wearing designers tags to belong to a world that is fake and make believe thus, a simpler lifestyle is a lot more peaceful and healthy.
Self care is a life of sustainability which involves production, preservation, consumption, waste generation and waste management; the world today is facing an ever increasing destruction of its natural resources, fierce fires, harrowing hurricanes, flash flood, erupting violent volcanoes, hotter atmospheric space, emerging diseases engulfing ecosystem and everyone due to climate change. Consequently, the need for alternative ways of living and a sustainable relationship with the earth becomes the life saver for the people, the planet and the future generations. Self sufficiency is absolutely vital especially during changing times in order to be prepared for whatever eventualities that may occurs not forgetting what many suffered during covid-19; with climate change uncertainty, emerging diseases, instability, world crisis and wars, therefore, it is necessary to be kitted up with survival know-hows.

Disabilities And Self-sufficient Living
All across the globe the barriers between abled and disabled persons is widening by the day due to highly competitive and complex way of living in today’s modern world. Pathway over poverty for the people living with disabilities is self-sufficiency NOT self-suffering; Self sufficiency is a way of life to balance and, ensure their economic security in order to reduce the financial and emotional burden of their families and the society. The people living with disabilities in Nigeria for those who do not beg for alms as an occupation are known to live a very hard working life, often seen engaged in different skills and craft as an occupation in order to be self-sufficient.
Self sufficient living for the differently able people is a move from a life of sympathy to empathy; the ability in their disability to achieve self reliance without completely becoming dependent on others for a lot of things, they can do much better than the able people; it is necessary, and emotionally healthy for the disabled persons to live physically and financially apart from their families and caregiver for their self respect and self control. The vocational training and skill acquisition will greatly assist them in the self sufficient lifestyle to make a living and live a fulfilling life. Engaging in crafts, gardening, animal rearing and trading will move a lot of them away from self pity to self “in” control; subsequently, a self sufficient lifestyle would help them to live an independent, and busy business life away from deprivations and poverty.
The Nigerian persons with disability are trained in various crafts, skills and trade, for many are busy producing beautiful handmade crafts, such as the handmade caps known as “hula” in hausa or “zawa” and “gimaje” which is the flowing gown for men in kanuri. The retail trade in makeshift shops and kiosk are managed by the differently able, hence many able people are under the employment of the differently able people. A productive lifestyle is dependent on ones ability to persevere and the self reliant way of life has been embraced by the people living with disabilities all across Nigeria.

Is it OK to buy everything? No not at all and here are the reasons.
Adopting and adapting a simple life which at the beginning may seem like a difficult way to live but it is so rewarding at the end of the day and at the end of life the people and the planet will be healthier and happier. It is all about doing better for self, humanity, animals, everyone, environment, plants and the planet; a way of life to live everyday taking that baby steps towards the path of self sufficiency and sustainability for self and the whole world that is not about living totally in isolation to produce everything the self needs but it is about resilience and commitment, supporting neighborhood farms, building skills, gaining the vital hacks and tips before meeting the experts which is about working together for self and community development. A self sufficient living is to provide your own food, energy, be a tailor, barber, hair stylist, repair person, a teach at home teacher, cleaner, painter, baker, designer, home decorator, instructor, care giver and provider, a home business owner all in an effort to reduce dependence, to also cut down on cost and generate income to compliment what is adequately needed in order to obtain the most essential products and services that can only be provider by a professional.
A tiny cup, sachet packs, bowl that are no longer useful for eating, can be used for planting and place any where that the light can reach for growing the kitchen herb and spice garden such as ginger, curry, thyme, onions, garlic, and all others that are the favorite of choice are so easy to plant, fast to grow with needing little of maintenance to thrive which provides the needed enhance flavor and taste in cooking while helping to cut down on expenses for food. The food waste in the kitchen can be recycled to make rich compost or mulch for plants in the kitchen and home gardens such as refuse from vegetables and fruits can be used as organic fertilizer whilst helping to create less trash and garbage from food waste.

Time Of Turmoil
Times are hard and turbulent times requires a radical re-direction to reduce the cost of living with the use of amazing life hacks which depends entirely on the individual’s needs and lifestyles such as the needs to grow ones own food or to take up farming as an occupation, the need for electricity would automatically lead a person to generate a personal energy or live without it in order to be better equipped to handle unforeseen circumstances of climate change. Therefore the need to develop survival skills in fixing things around the house, the do-it-your-self home project is an essential and will greatly help in recycling almost anything in and around the home. War times are times of food shortages, When people are faced with danger and are forced to hide away from accidental attacks during battles. When stores that stay open have empty shelves and shops are closed for safety. When essential services are not forthcoming and more monies chase fewer provisions. When health issues and psychological traumas shoots up and hospital facilities become overstretched. When curfew are imposed and free citizens are seen as enemies. A moment in time when an unscheduled trip can either take one to a safe haven or a smooth ride to heaven; when life itself seems to have come to an end, all because of man’s inhumanity to man. Homesteading that hitherto may have seem a difficult task, or engaged in as a family-activity would greatly bring relief during food shortages; a difficult moments when anything and everything during wartime especially of food has to be ration for it to go round. The self sufficient person during the times of turmoil becomes the king, physically and mentally equipped to alleviate human sufferings in the face of danger by providing the much needed nourishing foods from the homesteading gardens, process and cook it. Help with the essential services of turning into an overnight health caregiver with just the simple home remedies knowhow, to quickly handle a life threatening situation. A person with mental strength who turns to a psychologist to help calm the fears of fierce bombardment and gunshots ricocheting all around the skies, stealing the steady rhythms of heart beats at a time when many a fearful heart breaths their last due to heart attacks; stay agile mentally and physically, take back control, wear the shield of self-sufficiency and sustainability today; be proactive and ready to fight the war of eventuality.

Homesteading Garden Or Household Farms
A self sufficient lifestyle is about a community self sufficient economy where monetary income is less essential for a rich life in all that matters to have a happy, healthy and fulfilled world. Gardening and farming means to go green to save the earth, plant more and take less to protect the planet for future generations; developing skills in farming is as important as feeding thus, domestic food self sufficiency move that will put food on the families table going as simple as farm to fork remove the environmental food footprints. The households gardens or homesteading farms should be such that every plants and trees blend in to form a natural environment; therefore the land area for the production of food must also assist in improving the land, for it to also be able on its own to sustains itself with little or no maintenance just as the natural habitat where the ecosystems strive and survive without human intervention.
The farm area should be a place to plant various types of trees that are domesticated in the locality along with other tree species from other locality which is done in order to achieve and attain balance for an organic and environmental friendly produce that does not need fertilizing and a whole lot of irrigation as it is normally practice when an orchard or fruit garden is planted. The different trees and plants species assist in copying a natural environment in order to ensure that the minerals in the soil are replenished and sustained; subsequently the imitation of a natural eco-friendly ecosystems will attract an array of the different birds, and insects from far and wide that would not only beautify the homestead but help in the control of pests and parasites. A homestead or household garden where fast growing foods are cultivated is just like having a first aid kit box at home before seeing the medical professional; planting and cooking your own meals is helpful and healthy. Why not change the age long practice where massive land acres are wasted for growing flowers and plants alone just for home decorations; changing the trend in order to cultivate food for used in homes will greatly assist the gardens with organic manures whilst providing cheap but very crucial food necessities in the kitchen. Food crops that can be cultivated in home gardens can include sweet and Irish potatoes, white yam tubers which grows beautiful curling twigs all around tall objects, there is the onions, garlics, spices and herbs such as ginger, thyme, curry while the tomatoes, bell peppers of green, yellow and red. Amazingly also a lot of fruits trees can be cultivated and domesticated in homes just behind the building but near the fence with its flowering fruits blooming deliciously, fruits like pawpaw or papaya, banana, straw berries, lemon are few of many fruits that can be cultivated along with flowers and plants in any household or homesteads; if beautiful arrange would not only beautiful the house but feed the home. The homestead or household can be specially partitioned to accommodate whatever the family wishes to have within and around the home; a section can be specially designated for breeding animals like horses, cattle, Ram, sheep, goat can have a part of the house to breed. The fish farms are easy to start either an artificial pond made of a round hollow in the homestead then cemented to accommodate fish farming, but if there is no enough space on the ground within the household then the surface tanks can serve as an alternative fish pond, if the necessary adjustment are made that is good enough to fish farm. Exotic birds such as ostriches, peacocks, guinea fowls, pigeons, parrots all add prestige to any home not forgetting man’s best friend the dog and the naughty purr cat to complete natures homesteads as it is naturally intended to be right from the beginning of time; Garden Of Eden!

Processing And Preserving Fresh Food Produce
The most common and generally practice food preservation methods are fermenting, freezing, or storing at a control cooling temperature for those without the refrigerator, also is the method of bottling or canning, others include the sun and air drying  or dehydrating with oven or dehydrator. All fresh farm produce can be process and preserve, such as Onions, Leafy green, Scotch bonnets, Tomatoes, Bell pepper, Okro, Potatoes, Yam, Herbs and spices, to the raw fresh milk of animals and food crops.

Fruit And Honey Preserves
Fresh fruits a perishable produce decaying very fast especially when it is kept in any humid or hot environment which encourages deterioration, in order to avoid wasting excess fresh fruits when in season, it is best to preserve the fresh fruits in any of the preservation methods that is considered a favorite choice.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh fruits of choice
Organic Honey
Airtight jars

Recipe Steps
The best fruit of choice are picked first; rinse off all dirt and debris then peel and core or de-pitt.
Slice up, transfer into a mortar then pound with the pestle into chunky mushy pulp or pour into the blender and blend into smooth puree.
Simmer on low heat until almost all juice is dehydrated, pour over the simmering fruit pulp some organic honey, fold in to combine and simmer for just a while.
Pour out onto a tray and spread as thinly as possible and allow it to sun dry until all moisture are evaporated or for a healthy and fast drying place in the dehydrator and allow to dry up until it brittle when crushed.
Allow to air cool then wrap up with sweet wrapping sheets and transfer into an airtight jars or containers to enjoy as a jelly sweet treats.

Fruits Jam
The fruits of choice for jam or jellies are endless which depends on personal favorite and the fruit in seasons are always the best of choice for its flavors and freshness; the not too ripe fruits contains more pectin and is much more acidic hence it is advisable not to use the very ripe fruits for jams. Almost that of the recipe above but a slight difference in its texture that is spreadable on toast or bread or snacks of choice. Alternative the honey with the sugar if unavailable and measurement must ensure equal quantities of the fruits to the sugars weight. Because if the fruits are much more than the sugar it loses the preserving effects of the sugar consequently goes bad easily due to fermentation; whereas if the sugar is higher in quantity than the fruits then crystallization may occur during storage. Note:- blend the fruits into smooth puree if prefer but for a chunky jam recipes, simply slice into cubes and mash after simmering into a mushy pulp when the fruits are tender.

Recipe Ingredients
Unripe or just ripe fruits of choice
Granulated sugar
Lemon juice or pectin depending on how acidic the fruit is to taste or if the fruits are low in pectin then the lemon juice fills up the gap; if the fruit is high in pectin then it would be of high acidity and vice versa, note this.

Recipe Steps
Measurement is paramount, it is vital to have equal quantity of fruits and sugar, rinse the fruits properly then remove all seeds, core, Pitts or stones.
Arrange all the sliced or cut up fruits all around the base of the saucepan, filling just have way up the saucepan, add water if the fresh fruit is not juicy enough.
On low heat, place the saucepan with the fruits and slowly simmer until the fruits are tender and sweet fruits freshness is perceived all around.
When the right fruits texture and tenderness is reached, sprinkle the granulated sugar all over the simmering fruit.
Allow the fruits to boil slowly until the sugar dissolves on low heat without stirring to avoid crystallization, depending on the fruits types then add in the lemon juice or pectin and remember to skim off the foamy surface and discard or simply add a little butter to bring it down; depending on choice pitch it up with a pinch of salt to give a balance to taste.
When the right jam texture and consistency is reached then stir and test a little scoop of jam dropped into cold water and if it forms wrinkles then remove from the heat and allow to cool.
While allowing the jam to cool off but never to reach lukewarm, meanwhile begin the sterilization of the jam jars, wash up the jars then immense in hot water and dry up in the oven or microwave.
Scoop and fill up the jam jars then secure tightly with its cover and label appropriately with the fruit’s types, recipes and dates.
Store on the shelves or in the refrigerator and use when needed on the best choice of a side dish or snacks.

Fruit Jelly
The pectin is a fiber found in the cell linings or walls of fruits and it is most often used to preserve for longer jam, jellies and fruit preserves such marmalade. The marmalade is a mixture of the fruit pulp or chunks, with the fruit juice and the addition of the citrus zesty skin which gives the marmalade it characteristics bitter-sweet taste, while the jam comes down to two major ingredients which comprises of the fruit pulp that has either been mashed or crushed and fruit juice that produces a chunky or mushy spread whereas the jelly is the clearest and smoothest in consistency when it comes to texture making for an easier and lighter spread hence it is made with just the fruit juice.
A great way to preserve fruit flavors for all season and it is a gel-like sweet treats the reason why it is given the name jelly or gel, it is majorly made out of the combination of sugar and fruit juices; important ingredients used are the fruit flavor, sugar, water, lemon or pectin. It is advisable for healthy reasons to avoid additives such as artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners and honey can be used as an alternative to sugar.
The fruit jelly can be a mixed of various fruit juices to obtain a unique and exotic flavor, colors and with the right quantity of ingredients the perfect fruit jelly can be made; a sweet topping or fillings for a lot of snacks or finger foods. When making any recipe, always feel free to mix and match until the desired personal recipe is achieved just to choice.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh juicy fruits of choice
Granulated sugar
Lemon juice or pectin
Airtight jars

Recipe Steps
A mixture of various fruit or a single fruit type can be used to extract the fruit juice; choose both the ripe and unripe fruits for best result then rinse the fruit thoroughly, next is to slice open and juice it with the fruit juicer or extraction machine.
The stainless steel saucepan is best used to avoid acidic reaction of the fruits with other metal pots; so pour the extracted fruit juice into the pot, add pectin or lemon juice depending on the acidity of the fresh fruit juice.
On low heat, slowly bring it to boil stirring until the pectin is dissolved then add in the sugar and continuously stir, simmer until the fruit juice is thicken and set.
When the right consistency is reach then remove from the heat and transfer into the sterilized airtight jars.
Give all the jars a hot water bath and dry it properly, label accordingly and store either in the refrigerator or the kitchen shelve. The use whenever it is needed as a delicious bread or snack spread, sweet treat for both the kids and adults. Enjoy the sweet deliciousness.

Shade or Sun Drying Fresh Vegetables
Fresh leafy green vegetables in season are always in excess and with no modern equipment to dehydrate the fresh greens it deteriorate and goes to waste. Green leafy veggies such as spinach, sorrel leaves known as yakuwa, bitter leaf, water leaf, okro and its leaves with many such veggies can be easily sun dried in bulk without are difficulties due to the fact that it quickly dries up and turns into brittle and crisp when crushed.
The drying of the veggies are done in order to have it for use all season and also to prolonged its shelve life and reduce waste.

Sun Drying Or Air drying
The leafy green veggies are loaded with essential nutrients especially in its chlorophyll; that is why the best and highly recommended method of drying is to air dry under the shades or at night for the greens to retain its chlorophyll which often gets destroyed when sun dried. The difference noticed between the sun dried and air dried veggies are the color changes the sun dried veggies mostly turns to yellow or brownish in colors while the air dried under shades or in the darks retains its glorious greenish properties and all its nutrients are found intact.
Pick the freshest of the green leafy veggies, rinse in clean water to remove and rid it of debris and insects hiding between the leaf folds.
Collect all rinsed leaves with a perforated bowl or raffia basket, gently shake off excess water trapped in the fresh leaves.
Fast and easy method is the sun drying, spread out on a mat or tray and place under the direct sun shine to dry; by sun set or just few hours it will be dried.
While for the second method; Spread out a raffia or bamboo mat under the shade or away from the direct sunlight, if possible allow the drying to be at night.
Pick all the leaves and spread it out all over the mat making for space in between the leaves and also not allow two to stick together, allow to dry overnight.
The leaves are fragile and if properly monitored and turn at intervals, by the next day it will be all crispy dry.
Check if it brittles easily when crushed then it is done if not then repeat the procedure until the desired dryness is achieved.
Check and pick out all particles from the dried leaves, collect the leaves and transfer into bags or containers to store.
Depending on the recipes for use, the leaves will determines how it will be process before use. If using the bitter leaf for the popular Nigerian bitter leaf soup then the dried leaves most be blanch or boiled in hot boiling water to soften it and reduce its bitter taste. While the spinach dried leaves are to be rinsed then soaked in warm warm before shredding and adding to soups of choice. While the karkashi, zogale, ayoyo, ewedu and baobab leaves known as miyan kuka are milled or pounded into free flowing powder, packaged into soup containers before using in the northern Nigeria miyan kuka.
The green leafy vegetables preservation is a popular and general method of preserving green leafy vegetables, food crops and almost every perishable food crops in order to have it for use whenever it us needed. The dry green veggies just like the fresh greens have a special market section for its display; not forgetting that not every consumer likes its as fresh as it comes due to taste preference but irrespective of individual choice both the dried and fresh vegetables are available for customers all seasons.

Dehydrating Onions
Onions just like other vegetables can be best preserved by sun drying but investing in a good solar dehydrator would ease the task and the rewards are worth it. There are different types of the onions in colors such as the red or purple onions which a the pungent and strong smelling types, white and yellow which are mostly the sweet onions. The spring onions or bunching onions are tender and immature onions with its gloriously green leaves for the spring onions or lentil while in most cases the leaves are weaved together in order to bunch them and store somewhere hanging in the kitchen; can also be store in the refrigerator.
Onions upgrade a lot of recipes by giving dishes color, texture and an invitingly delicious flavor; it can be served and eaten raw, pickled or cooked. The onions can be dried and store in bags to keep it crispy.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh onions

Recipe Steps
Peel onions and rinse off all dirt and dust.
Cut away the ends on the top and tail.
Slice into round circles then separate it all into rings; then place in the dehydrator tray and dehydrate for several hours crispy and brittle easily when crushed.
Alternatively, arrange the onion rings on a large raffia mat and place under the direct sunlight, cover up it all up with a clean net to keep away flies, insects and debris.
Allow to dry until crispy and brittle then transfer into a container and cover.
Powdered onion is made with the dehydrated onions, take enough as required for use and place in the blender grinder and mill until smooth and free flowing.
Scoop into airtight jar and label appropriately, use when needed in recipes of choice; perfect to sprinkle all over juicy barbecues, suya kebab, roasted or grilled fish. Uplift any soup, stews or sauces with just a sprinkling of the instant onion powder.

Onions Pickling
Onions when it is off season get to be scarce and expensive, why not take the opportunity when it is in excess to preserve the onions to enjoy an all season delicious and aroma nourishing meals. A lot of foodies shy away from the purple onions due to its pungent aroma and the ability to instantly turn beautifully eye makeup into teary eyes; pickling the onions will change all that and gives the onions a crispy feel instead of crunchy and also turn the pungent smell to sweet and sour. A great addition to vegetable salad, Suya-kebab, roasted or grilled meat or fresh fish, sandwiches, meat-pies and beautifully inviting as garnishing on favorite dishes.

Recipe Ingredients
Onions Red, purple or white
Air tight jar
Spices of ginger and chili pepper powder
Sugar, maple or honey to balance the taste of vinegar and onions.

Recipe Steps
Collect the best of onions without bruises or rots, peel of the leathery outer coverings. Rinse the onions and slice into rings.
Mix in a clean saucepan pan some vinegar of choice, dilute with some water, add a pinch of salt and spice up with chili and ginger powder. Want it sweet then add in some honey drizzles or sugar and stir to blend in to balance the taste. Being the vinegar mixture to a quick simmer. Then quickly pour over thinly sliced onions in a jar; press the onions down to absorb the hot vinegar. Allow to cool off then cover and store in the refrigerator. Alternatively try the next method.
Arrange the sliced onions all around the base of the sauce pan with the vinegar mixture then gently place on low heat.
Simmer for just some few minutes and then remove from the heat, allow to cool off and then transfer into an airtight bottle jar.
Store in the refrigerator and used when needed especially when the fresh onions are scarce or off season which is rarely so when one is managing a homesteading garden.

Farm Fresh Recipes
Home Cooking is a delight for the whole family not only is the food healthy and delicious but a way of bringing the whole families together to share in the joy of cooking and eating together as one big family. The eatery and restaurants menus can be reserved for special events just once in a while in trying something different. There are lots of delicious recipes online with awesome chef showing the cooking steps to follow and the beauty of it all is that one can always developed another unique recipe out of the existing recipe by just mixing and matching to personal choice.

Farm Fresh Yogurt
The animals from the homestead or households backyards can supply the family with the fresh raw milk, churn it and gain butter allow some to curdle with just some lemon mix into it and enjoy cottage cheese then ferment the rest and there is the natural yogurt. A creamy, sour and sweet, healthy freshly homemade organic yogurt, made with the fresh raw milk; homemade yogurt is loaded with active bacteria or probiotic that assist in keeping the functions of the gut smooth and stable in balance with the right healthiness. The fresh milk is needed to be at the right temperature before a yogurt culture can begin the fermentation process. The right yogurt processing temperatures for several hours allow the good bacteria to feed on milk sugar called lactose; therefore the milk produces lactic acid and then thickens. Alternatively the powdered milk can be used for yogurt likewise the soya-beans milk; proceed as for the recipe steps below. If using powdered milk then dissolve with some water to the consistency of fresh milk.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh raw organic milk
Yogurt starter usually a yogurt that contains active live cultures or bacteria.
Cheese bag
Flavor and sweetener of choice
Thermometer when one can not determine the right temperature but it comes easy with practice.
Flavor of vanilla and honey as sweetener.

Recipe Steps
On low heat place a deep sauce pan, pour in the fresh organic milk and slowly simmer until the temperature reaches 110 degrees. If the thermometer is not available then place a teaspoon of warm milk on the skin of the  inner wrist, if it is tolerated then it is at the right temperature. The right temperature develops the milk own bacteria will be alive and active.
Bring it off the heat then add and mix in some scoops of yogurt starter just little to start the culture and make for a thick creamy yogurt.
Transfer the yogurt mixture into a wide mouth vacuum flask, or a food warmer; close with the lid or cover airtight.
Wrap it up with towels or blankets and place in a dry, larger container to turn into yogurt. Alternative place it in a warm oven or microwave or cupboard in a warm kitchen; done to keep the yogurt at the right incubator temperature.
Allow to stay undisturbed overnight or at least for 8 hours.
Open up and seen the most amazingly delicious homemade yogurt that is so thick one can scoop with a spoon.
Ready for use in any yogurt recipes; to serve just scoop the needed quantity, flavor up and sweeten if desired then whisk until it is as creamy and smooth as to personal choice.
Always remember to scoop a little batch of the yogurt and keep it to use as yogurt starter or culture when making yogurt.

Homemade Farm Fresh Cottage Cheese
A chewy and delicious homemade cheese, fresh, fast and so easy to make with just few ingredients consisting of the farm fresh milk, vinegar or lemon juice and a pinch of salt to balance the taste. Thus, in case the fresh raw milk is not available, the powdered milk can be substituted in the recipe; not as chewy as the fresh organic milk cheese but all the same delicious with just a slight difference in the taste.

Recipe Ingredients
Organic fresh milk
Vinegar or lemon juice
A pinch of salt
Cheese bag
Cheese molds
Colander, sieve or strainer

Recipe Steps
Pour some fresh organic milk into a saucepan and place on low heat, slowly allow to heat up. Watch over closely whilst stirring until just about reaching boiling point; once the tiny little bubbles fills all over the toppings then it is ready to stir in the vinegar or lemon juice. A few drops of is all that is needed, quickly stir-in to blend with a wooden spatula. After a minute or when the cheese curdles and separate from its whey which is a lighter color version of the lemon juice but if the color is milky then there is still milk in the liquid. Therefore, add more vinegar or lemon juice and stir to mix until all turns into curdle then just before removing it from heat, sprinkle a pinch of salt and stir to mix, salt is added to give the bland or neutral taste of the cheese a balance and tasty deliciousness.
Separate the milk curdles with a cheese bag or cloth, place the cheese bag into a sieve or colander, slowly pour the curdle milk into the bag.
Hold together the edges of the cheese bag and press to squeeze out all the whey; collect the whey and use in other recipes or allow to cool completely, then use it to feed the base of plants in the homestead or household gardens.
Transfer the cheese into fancy molds to cool and set, taking on the shapes and designs of the molds used.
Store wrap up in polythene or food wraps and place in a covered jar then keep in the refrigerator.
Eat as fresh cottage or farmers cheese, use in recipes for cheese such as pancakes and snacks. Slice up into cubes, deep fry and stir-fry in vegetables for a deliciously healthy meat alternative. Serve over rice dishes, yams or favorite meals as a side dish.

Farm Fresh Homemade Butter
Milk is the source of many important ingredients used daily in every kitchen world wide. The raw milk not only provide cheese, yogurt, powdered milk, but also butter. The northern region in Nigeria is known for the love of milk reason to why the Fulani herders live mostly on cow milk and its products as a staple food. The Mai shanu or ghee is a clarify butter made from frying the raw butter butter with lots of onions. After which it is store in an air tight jar and serve drizzled over hot meals, to add more nourishment and delight to an enjoyable meal.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh raw milk
Salt optional
Onions to free the raw butter to make ghee or mai shanu in Hausa

Recipe Steps
Milking the cow to obtain the fresh milk that is full creamed is important, and it is best to get the unadulterated milk water from the cattle ranch, or for one to milk the cow to get the fresh full cream milk.
Cover and keep the raw milk in a cool place undisturbed, preferably in the refrigerator for some days until the cream moves to the surface of the milk.
Skim all the cream from the top with a perforated spoon that will skim only cream leaving behind the milk.
Next is to move the collected cream to a warm place to stay undisturbed for some few hours.
Churning the cream in a blender is faster but traditionally it is down in a specially made gourd calabash for churning cream. Alternatively pour the cream into the blender and blend until the butter separate from the butter milk, when it is done the dollop of butter will form into a mold separated from the butter milk.
Stop the blender and remove the butter into a butter holder, then pour out the butter milk and used in recipes that requires butter milk or spray all over the plant bed to nourish its roots.
The butter in the butter holder must be rinse in cool running water to wash off all butter milk in order to avoid the butter going rancid.
Salted butter is made by adding salt to raw butter and then knead it with the hands severally until all the butter is uniformly salted.
Store in the refrigerator to prevent the probiotics and enzymes from working on to culture the butter.
The mai shanu or ghee is made by melting the raw butter on low heat, until it simmers gently to allow all liquid dehydrate from the solid butter dollop. As soon as it starts to bubble and fry, giving out a delicious aroma add in the onion slices and fry it until the onions turn golden brown.
Now remove from heat and turn over into an airtight steel bowl or a heat resistant container, cover tightly.
Store in a cool place and serve with traditional dishes.

Homemade Powdered Milk
Preservation is a very vital part of homesteading because the aim is to avoid food waste and to reduce all types of waste in the household or homestead. Fresh raw milk if not quickly processed to preserve it to the milk product of choice it turns to another milk product fast depending on the weather. When it is hot fresh milk quickly ferment and turns sour, if it is warm and store in a pot used in cooking any sour tasting food, the milk then turns to curdle milk, thereby instead of enjoy some warm milk drink one will find only a cottage cheese; the solution is to make as soon as possible all the milk products needed for use at home and one of such is the powdered milk. The powdered milk if when process and preserved it is as nourishing and delicious just as the raw fresh milk; loaded with nutrients needed for body building, a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins, above all, just what is needed to save money as part of a self sufficient living. A delicious add in to milk recipes, breakfast cereals, smoothies, beverages, snacks and candies.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh raw milk
Dehydrator, oven or stove
Fruit silicon roll

Recipe Steps
On low heat, place a clean stainless pot then pour in the fresh raw milk and simmer until the water contents is significantly reduced. When most of the water contents has evaporated and the simmering milk sets into a creamy consistency.
Pour out the boiled milk into a baking pan then place in the preheated oven, allow the oven door to remain open slightly for the steam to escape out and to speed up evaporation of the milk.
Check for dryness and when it is dehydrated, remove from the oven and cool; break into pieces and transfer into the blender and blend until it turns to a free flowing powdered milk.
The making of the powdered milk in the dehydrator is easy, fast and hygienic. As easy as to place a fruit roll in the dehydrator tray, then pour the raw milk on each of the trays. Considering the weather and the thickness of the milk consistency, set the dehydrator and allow to evaporate until the milk is dehydrated. The process takes several hours for the milk to completely dehydrate, check at interval and as soon as it is totally dried up and flaky then remove to cool off.
Crush or crumble the dehydrated flaky milk into coarse pieces, turn it into a blender and blend until it is turned into a smooth and free flowing milk powder.
Sift into a clean dry bowl, scoop into airtight glass jar or containers, seal and label appropriately.
Store on the shelf away from moisture and heat, use when the fresh milk is out of season or scarce.

Farm Fresh Tomato Paste
When fresh farm produce are in abundance; processing and preserving vegetables and fruits to prolong shelf life is the go to in order to avoid waste. Tomato is among the very fragile produce to quickly process because it goes to rot fast, hence the tomato paste for some recipes goes through de-seeding and de-juicing. The same processing can be used for the preparation of scotch bonnet, Bell pepper or the combination of tomatoes, scotch bonnet, bell pepper and onions.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh tomatoes
Vegetable oil
Airtight jars

Recipe Steps
The easiest and fastest method of making the tomato paste is as follows:-
Pick the fresh and firm tomatoes, rinse and remove all stems; slice into chunks and transfer in a blender and blend until it turns to smooth puree.
Alternatively, after slicing into chunks de-seed and de-juice in order to speed up the thickening process; collect all the seeds and juice into a large bowl, quickly feed the tomato garden with it, to enrich the soil and start another set of tomato seedlings.
Pour the blended tomatoes or sliced tomatoes into a deep pot to avoid boiling over, place on medium heat to simmer until the tomato chunks is soften. While for the tomato puree, stir continuously until it is reduced in quantity and it is thickened. Stir in some salt and drizzle some vegetable oil into the simmering tomatoes.
Check for the water content for the cooked tomato chunks then remove from heat and allow to cool slightly, either pass it through a sieve by pushing it through with a spatula or transfer into a blender and blend.
Return it to the pot and simmer on low heat, stir occasionally to avoid sticking to pot and burning or pour into an oven baking pan and place into the oven until water contents is completely reduced and it is turn into a thick, shiny and ox blood color. 
When ready, remove from the heat to cool completely then scoop into airtight jars, fill it up with vegetable oil to protect from molds forming on the surface and seal, label and store for use when needed. It is advisable to store just quantity to be used at a go, to avoid the opening and closing of the jar and the dipping in of spoons which may result to mold developing and causing the paste to go sour, rancid and rotten.
Store in the refrigerator or shelf top and pick to use in recipes of choice.

Do It Yourself Projects And Life Hacks
Do It Yourself simply means seeking the knowledge, skills to handle small projects at home that one would normally ask any one out there to fix which if done as Homemade DIY it would come out much better, with free time to waste one can recreate, revamp, redo, recycle a lot of things in and around the home, thereby cutting down on cost of buying something new or paying others to do what can be easily recycled at home. Helping each others in the home to fix the hair, painting the house, cutting the overgrown grasses with the lawn mower, making toys for kids with used papers, cards, obsolete materials or objects, recipes are in their millions on the internet. All it would take is just a browsing time; homemade cookies, cakes, treats, jams the list just goes on are much more delicious, healthier and cheaper, above fun time with the whole family.

Mend And Make
A new lifestyle as simple as nature intends it to be is fulfilling, rich in healthy benefits, and it is environmentally friendly. It is a lifestyle that is focus on obtaining and consuming only the needed essentials for survival not living a lifestyle that is dictated by societal trends in order to belong to a social class. The need for sewing kits, machines, hand craft tools, fix-it tools and the do-it-yourself box is as necessary as a first aid box; the handy mans tools is a great help around the households to handle repair jobs instead of calling in a repair and maintenance person hence reducing over head expenses. People wear clothes in the modern world, living a new lifestyle also needs clothing in not all the time then most of the time, even though it may not be as formal as it should be in a much more formal setting. There is a need to sew new clothes from plain fabrics, it is rewarding to see love ones wearing a master piece created within the home; it is also a thing of joy to be able to mend clothing that are still new and fashionable instead of discarding it as trash. Learning to sew is a great skill in the home, handy, and helpful, instead of buying new clothes simply mend torn clothes, fix the loose buttons, hooks, zippers which in most cases can be responsible for discarding an entire new wardrobe. A rewarding way to cut down on buying ready made is to buy beautiful and colorful high quality fabrics then surf the internet for sewing designs and just make a perfect replica that is made to fit according to personal choice, a cheaper and better alternative to help recharge the brain and body away from every day routine. While at it learn to knit that sock, sweater, scarf, gloves, hat, face-mask, table mats, bath room mats or rainbow blankets and all it takes is a knitting machine or knitting needles and some beautiful wool.
Paper are used for serviette, paper towels or kitchen napkins; thus contributing to environmental waste in order to reduce paper waste then limited use for paper products such as mentioned is necessary. This will not only reduce waste but save a lot of income otherwise used for buying such unnecessary kitchen items. Pick the sewing and knitting tools and go to work; it is easy and cheap to make cloth napkins and towels for use in the kitchen also for wrapping up cutlery at the table.
Any remnants of cut out materials would make for beautiful and cute design of the kitchen towels and table napkins. Surf the internet for designs and cut out accordingly; sewing fancy designs around its edges, engrave some beautiful flowers on its middle and finish up the design by knitting any fanciful shape of choice to attach any where on or around the pieces of napkins.
Depending on the colors of the clothing materials, size or shape of it then use whenever it is needed in the kitchen or while serving meals; a better and beautiful way to reduce expenses, and paper waste while saving lots of income for necessary essentials.

The Win-Win Zero Waste
Nature is perfectly planned by the master planner of the heavens and earths the Almighty; every thing in the world has its purpose if human beings follow precisely the master plan by not distorting what has been naturally fix to follow natures compass. But in trying to perfect Gods plans the activities of human beings imperfectly turn nature to the wrong path of climate change and crisis. Avoid waste by reducing unnecessary water usages that could otherwise be channel elsewhere for essential needs; the endless flow of water needs to be control and curtail, whilst brushing and washing the face in order to reduce water waste use a cup to collect just enough water, then turn the tap off because it makes no sense for tap water to run continuously down the drain whilst brushing the teeth. Water for washing dishes and clothing materials needs to be measured in order to avoid wasting water; collect only water that is needed for a particular task, exhaust it first and do not through out the water rather collect the used water for other task around the home that the used water can be channeled to, such as using it to flush out the toilet, wash around the toilet seats then follow up with just a little clean water to rinse off. Water used for showers must be cut down to half and the time spent in the shower must be reduced; monitor water usage all around the home because the more water used the more water is needed to meet up what the self is used to, so the mind needs to be retrain to reduce the need for more. 

What happens to the egg shells after using up the nourishing eggs for meals? Chucked into the refuse bin right? That is absolutely unacceptable to waste egg shells that is so essential for many uses in the homestead or households garden and here is why.
The egg shells is a free to use organic waste right there in the kitchen to the gardens. The egg shells when dried are either pounded or milled, mix with ashes to scrub off the darken pot bottom that is usually place in contact with the heat. As a natural abrasive it scrub clean all black soot on pot; with a little soap mix in to form a soapy paste it easily cooking grime that got stuck on the base of cooking pots. The egg shell adds calcium to make soil rich, either sprinkle powdered shell on the base of vegetable plants for a calcium rich soil to protect plant or simply press together the fragile egg shells then scatter around garden soil that will over time breakdown and enrich the soil.
Germinate seeds, all the effort it needs is to just fill the egg shells with some soil, keep it wet then plant any seed of choice and there a unique and beautiful nursery pots for plant seedlings is made. Arrange all around gardens where matching feet would not step on them; when the seedlings are ready just dig out the earth and plant it with the shell which helps to feed the soil with a calcium boost whilst growing a healthy plant.
The egg shells is eaten and amazingly relish by both the chicken and bird; crush some egg shell and scatter all around the gardens and watch how it attracts beautiful birds in while domesticated birds enjoy picking on it to replenish the calcium needed after laying eggs.
Baking in egg shells is a way of making nourishing and inviting snacks to encourage the families to enjoy a snack or two while on the go, an absolutely handy snack for kids as alternative to cooked eggs. Mix up any favorite snack batter of choice, make a tiny hole in the middle top of the, turn and drain out the fillings and keep those shells in its crates after rinsing. Then with the pastry piping bags, fill up with batter and bake, so cute.
After using it as baked cups, peel away carefully and crush or pound then feed it to the chicken and birds.
Color the egg shells beautifully in all the colors of the rainbow and arrange all along the garden paths, beautifies and assist in keep out all crawling worms and parasites that often feed on leafy or succulent vegetables.
Coffee too bitter? Rinse some egg shells and brew it with coffee to reduce bitterness and clarify the coffee brew.
Healthy eating is healthy living, just like eating bones for calcium in various soup, add in the powdered egg shells or drop it into the soup and simmer on low heat to infused into the soup the calcium of the shells. Remove after cooking and feed it to the chicken or bird.
Egg shells membrane are natural bandage; healing for cuts, scratches, burns, open wounds and broken nails. Peel off the egg shell inner white membrane, moisten with some eggs and then place on the spot of the wounds; help to protect from infection and aids also to supply nutrients needed for speedy healing, binding together broken nails.
Home remedy for diarrhea in dogs; sprinkle a teaspoon of powdered egg shells into dog food and feed them and helps to stop the diarrhea.
Eggshells Chalk is made with powdered egg shells, flour, food colors add hot water and mix into a paste. Scoop and pack into tissue rolls and let it air or sun dry.
Egg shell beauty pack, add a little powdered egg shells into nail polish, shake to blend in and use as a calcium fortified nail polish for stronger nails. Face mask is made with a mixture of some egg white and powdered egg shells, beat into a paste then rub all over face to tighten up all pores and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Egg shells mix with body lotion helps to smooth the hands and feet. There are so many uses for egg shells; still want to go chucking egg shells into the trash? Never again, collect all egg shells to treasure.

Orange peels
The oranges peels for its many uses never goes to waste, Nigeria communities are known to fight for space with the mosquitoes and the rainy seasons makes matters worse and the situation critical. At times most mosquito sprays or herbicides are as ineffective to the mosquitoes as water sprays. All around the Nigerian communities dwellers are finding ingenuous ways to get rid of the mosquitoes sting and song by the use of the orange peels.
The peels are often sold when demands for it are high to customers wishing to use it as mosquitoes repellents. For others it is freely given away to help reduce the garbage at the fruit sellers stalls. Now the collected orange peels and spread out on a flat surface, directly under the sun shine to dry up until crispy.
Transfer in to an airtight container and kept sealed in order to protect its essential oil.
Then to use it, either pound with mortar and pestle or ground into orange peel powder. When needed sprinkle over smoldering charcoal and watch as the citrusy peel smokes keep off the pests and mosquitoes. Alternatively, pick the orange dried peels close by then collect some smoldering charcoal from the firewood fireplaces, then gently and daintily place atop the red hot charcoals to burn out its smokes slowly.
The smokes that emanates keeps away the mosquitoes hence saving as a cheap alternative to the expensive insecticides helping to reduce waste by the reuse of the orange peels.
As a natural pest control, soak the peels in water then shake and use as a pest spray to protect against and prevent pests all around the home, a sweet smelling and natural pest deterrent.
Orange Powdered Peels
Orange peels just like the lemon zest are a sweet aromatic addition to various recipes such as smoothies, juice drinks and cakes. Collect all orange peels and separate the pith or the white spongy tissue attached to the yellow peels in order to rid it of the bitter taste. Rinse it all in clean water, arrange on a clean tray and dehydrate or sun dry. Transfer into a grinder or mortar then pound or grind into a smooth flowing powder. Sift into a clean bowl and transfer into an airtight jar or container then label appropriately. Mix into sugar to use as orange sugar, add the powdered peels into baking recipes to infuse orange citrus flavor. Sprinkle into drinking water or juice for superb refreshing flavor and aroma minus the calories. An amazingly delightful addition in tea beverages, hot or cold; add in to tea with ginger and cloves to enjoy a naturally exotic fruity tea beverages.
Nothing goes to the refuse bin with the oranges, remove the seeds and start a seedlings of an orange nursery; still want to trash the orange peels?

Human Waste Management
As a living being human, or animal, is there anyone alive, eats food and healthy that does not defecate? None! Then it is a part of healthy and sustainable living to discuss human waste management; now read the following tips below. As long as human beings eat food there will be human waste hence the importance of best sustainable ways of handling human waste. In most developing countries people are seen going into the bushes to defecate while in some cities and town homeless people indiscriminately defecate in and around uncomplicated buildings, bush paths and in some cases around market places. Handling human for the elite might be easy due to the installation of septic system with flush toilet that waste a great amount of fresh clean water but sooner or later it fills up and must be emptied; leading to the earlier mentioned challenges so it is back to square one where is the human waste from septic tanks or soak-away goes to? The answer is that the human waste collected from homes or buildings get dumped into the oceans, the open fields or water which slowly get blown by the wind or wash into rivers and streams where it pollutes drinking water. The proper handling of human waste involves all class of citizens in any community. The proper management of human waste is the responsibility of every individual to manage in an risk-free way that would not cause pollution or harm the health of humans and the planet. Most households without the flush toilets to use generally end up digging a deep hole in a room set aside as the toilet popularly known as the pit latrine; the surface of the large hole is building to form a tiny round open that is often used as toilet. The toilet is not only unhygienic but dangerous because during rainy seasons such toilets give way and such accident involves loss of lives. Whereas during flooding the toilets fills up and over flow with human waste all over the community polluting anything and everything on its path. An environmental friendly human waste management must involve professional that would put into consideration various factors for better hygiene during the human waste management; who pay close attention to time, temperature, weather and cleanliness. Homesteading human waste manage is as crucial as sustainability; notice the cat in an open field before defecate, the cat will scratch out a hollow in the ground then use it as toilet after which the cat will cover it’s poop waste with the sand by burying it from roving eyes. A replica of such a method in an outhouse is to dig a hole in the ground somewhere away from the main household and farms then fill it up with human waste, cover it especially when the septic system is fill up or faulty. A situation where large dug-out holes are used as toilet in most developing countries; there is the need to build a strong surface laced with iron rod to protect such toilets, an air tight lid as very important and above all every time someone use the toilet to defecate then it is necessary to throw in some carbonaceous material such as wood ashes, saw dust or wood chips into the toilet holes in order to maintain a good carbon to nitrogen ration which will help keep away flies, cockroaches, crawling worms and the smell down whilst maintaining complete human hygiene.

Animal Waste Or Cow Dungs Management
The waste of animals for many not educated about its importance often considers it for discarding, hence the excreta of animals which consists of both urine and faeces whereas the later is the indigestible plant residue of food consumed by herbivorous animal species then released from the intestine of a cow even though the human and animal waste are never a favorite topic to be discussed by many therefore, just like for human it is necessary for proper handling and management to avoid environmental pollutions of atmospheric space, animal feeds, fresh water for both animals and humans; the cow dungs are traditionally used on most rural farms to increase soil fertility due to scarcity of chemical fertilizers.
Unlike the chemical fertilizer that increase soil acidity, mineral imbalance and soil degradation, the cow dungs are better substitute because it supplements organic matter and assists also in conditioning the soil. Cow manure are good as a better fertilizer due to its richness in minerals of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which helps to support the growth of microorganisms that are beneficial when it is mixed with the soil to assist in improving texture and to maintain the soil’s moisture.
The prospects in animal waste especially of the cow dungs are many due to its rich loads of microbial diversity that contains a different species of bacteria hence it use in many aspect of day to day rural life and livelihoods; it serves as a binding agent just like the cement in rural architecture where one of the important uses of the cow dungs is in the molding of clay bricks for building houses, barns, fences after which it is used in plastering walls, and floors because of its applications in rural homes helps to provide insulation during the harmattan and the sunny seasons. When added into the mixture of clay for earthenware clay pots and households utensils, protects such households utensils from breaking making it durable, a coolant for storing water as in the cooling clay water pots, making the cooking pots to withstand any form of heat when used for cooking meals on the smoldering fire woods fireplaces. A known fact about rural dwellers is the lack of cleaning agent such as soaps for washing dishes and plates, so it becomes the needed cleaning agent when it is burnt to generate smokes in the homes to repel mosquitoes and insects, thereby the ashes of the burnt cow dungs are used for scrubbing away Grimes, darken pots back and household utensils in the traditional kitchen. A lot or researches are being carried out on the cow dungs for utilizing it as an energy source while the pharmaceutical products are harvesting its many vital minerals not forgetting the facts and practices of the rural midwife in northern Nigeria who uses the cow dungs to treat the umbilical cords of the newly born baby.
The cow dungs has been used for centuries as an organic source of biogas in rural Nigeria as an economical and eco friendly renewable source of energy when the nonrenewable source of energy such as coal, gas, fossil fuels are expensive and scarce. It is used after mixing it with straw, then spread out to dry before using it for fuel; to use it is collected and placed in the traditional tripod hearth then it is lit up to provide the heat and flame for cooking or light up the households.

Bird Feathers
One might be tempted to ask what happens to the bird feathers?
Just like the many uses of the egg shells, the chicken or bird feathers are used for many important purpose in and around the households in almost all the regions in Nigeria.
The elderly in most rural communities in Nigeria are often seen with a piece of the bird or chicken feathers which has been carefully and narrowly trimmed to fit snugly into the ear holes for either scratching an itching ear or used to remove the ear wax.
Oh no, Uh.. unhealthy and dangerous many may think of such ancient practices but it indeed happened and still happening.
As long as birds are used for food daily, the quantity of the birds feathers would continue to increase by the day and consequently becomes a big problem for a clean and green environment. Discarding the waste by products after processing the birds which are mostly the feathers indiscriminately are not eco friendly; therefore efficient waste management becomes imperative and the birds feathers must be handle through proper disposal, composting, digesting, and for added value recycling. The bird market in Nigeria have a special segment or space that is kept for the processing and dressing of birds for customers; when the birds are brought in to the youths managing such segment, a price to be charged is agreed upon after which the birds are slaughtered, quickly dipped into a large cooking pot of boiling water to soften the skin and make the plucking of the feathers easier, then the birds are rinsed and packaged for the costumers. But the feathers often are collected in heaps and later discarded at the refuse dumps.
The bird feathers are valuable if properly processed and channel through the right product like for instance the peacock feathers are handcrafted into beautiful and colorfully designed handmade feather fans fit for royalty and very expensive and a rare find; a daintily placed peacock feathers are also seen adorning the chief cap as a staff of honor and authority in the rural communities across Nigeria. The chief wives, princesses and queens turn the feathers into beautiful accessories such as hair flowers, necklaces, waist bands and so many items for beautification that decoratively becomes part of the women traditional costumes worn during special events and gatherings. While other bird feathers are used as stuffing for pillows and mattresses, whereas a lot of local farmers either burn or shred the feathers to mix with manure which is used to feed the soil as an organic matter thereby benefiting the soil and the environment because it immediately becomes a biodegradable compost. With the right technological innovation the birds feather derived feed becomes a less expensive alternative for the use of the poultry when compare to the traditional methods of mixing and milling the feathers with fish bones and maize husks for use as poultry feeds.

Beauty Hacks
Chemical products are also harmful to people and the planet; there are lots of organic beauty remedy that are homemade which are much more effective minus the chemical additives that are top notched and healthier than the chemically produced skin products which get absorbed into the bloodstreams through the skin pores, hence responsible for skin cancers and vital organ infections. Avoid the toxic skincare routine and toxin filled beauty products; check the kitchen cabinet or go to the garden to obtain fresh produce and instantly glow by just scrubbing the skin with a banana or papaya peels, cleanse the skin with some lemon juice and tighten up the skin by using the fresh pulp of the papaya or pawpaw as facial mask. The freshly beaten egg is an amazing hair conditioner while the olive or coconut oil makes the hair grows and glows into a crowning head of gorgeousness. The onions is loaded with keratin that is of health benefits to the scalp, maintains its natural healthiness. Onion juice when used regularly as a massage treatment for the scalp helps to improve blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Peel some purple or red onions, cut it into chunks and blend until its turn to paste. Next is to pass it through a sieve or strainer and squeeze out the onion juice then apply it directly to the hair roots and massage deeply into the scalp. Wrap the hair up and leave for an hour to absorb all essential nutrients, then shampoo off and apply the conditioning routine, dry up the hair and apply the onion oil.
The onions oil is a powerful treatment for the hair which helps the hair to shine, protects against premature greying and improve hair growth; an important hair oil that is made with a mixture of the onion paste fried in coconut oil. Get as much purple onions as it is possible, Peel and blend into a paste. On low heat place a frying pan, pour some coconut oil and heat up. Stir in the onions paste and stir fry until golden brown. Remove from the heat and strain the onions oil when cool, pour into a beauty hair bottle spray and use daily as the hair treatment for a beautiful and glowing hair.
Coconut oil is a fantastic oil that feeds the scalp and shaft going all the way to the hair ends; its fatty acid stops protein loss therefore prevents hair breakages. As a leave in treat to condition the hair and also to oil the hair for a soft, shiny and crowning glory; it also protects the hair from premature greying with regular use as part of the hair routine care.
A green and succulent plant with spikes along its two edges; one of the easiest and fastest growing plants. Every parts of the aloe versa plant is priceless because it is used not only as a beauty care but a health remedy that works like magic. Aloe vera for hair when used as hair mask helps to soothes whilst conditioning the hair. It helps to rid the hair of dandruff, stops itchy scalps and prevents hair loss. Pick a thick aloe vera plants, slice off the prickly edges and cut it open from the sides. With a spoon, scoop the gel-like juice into a bowl, add egg white and whisk to blend. Apply directly all over the hair until it is completely moisten. Wrap up the hair with a towel and allow the warmth work its magic on the hair. Wash off after a while, dry and oil the hair.
As a facial mask, apply same mixture all over the face and neck to tighten up the pores, for a soft, smooth and younger looking skin.
The aloe vera gel has a lot of health benefits and a strong force against stomach problems especially worms. Go get some fresh aloe Vera plants, rinse, cut it open and scoop away its gel-like juice into a cup, pour in some warm water and drink up straight. Immediately the stomach issues will find its way out of the gut.

Home Remedies And Health Tips
The homestead is stress free due to its natural environment even though striving to make it thrive requires a great deal of physical and mental endurance, perspiration and perseverance, subsequently the gains are worth it. An conducive environment to build natural immunity to fight free radicals, to have available and eat health boosting seasonal produce such as fruits and vegetables with limited artificially processed foods. It is advisable to stay outdoor as long as the self could endure in order to benefit from exposure to the sunlight and enjoy good part of the fresh air that nature gift daily. Also as important is to observe hygiene and frequent washing of hands. Home remedies will work for you if you want it to work but of vital importance is that before trying any home remedies alone or with other prescription drugs always consult with a medical doctor or pharmacist and also take it in moderation. Home herbal remedy intake can be dangerous if undertaken without expert advice, monitoring and taking without knowing the right dosage or frequency with which it can be taken because most often it is not prescribed by a doctor. What is here presented is not an alternative to the doctors prescription or treatment but the ability to eat food as medicine instead of eating medicine as food because food is medicine, therefore taking some types of foods at the right time can greatly help in the treatment of some minor ailments at home. Are you self sufficient and can you handle issues yourself during an emergency at home with home remedies or do it your self fix it? Check out the following amazing tips:- Why not try some of the following home remedies in order to curtail and control small health issues before it grows to a major and disturbing health problems? Remembered that a quick intervention can be a life saver if done with caution and moderation.

Toothache at midnight or when a medical professional is far away can be put under control and have the pains reduce to bearable by the use of edible potash. Tooth ache edible potash solution; there are different types of edible potash, the effective type is the crystal like potash that sparkles often called the “male” potash. On low heat bring some water to boil, then remove from the heat and allow to reach a bearable temperature to rinse the mouth. Cut a cube size piece of the potash and drop into the now warm water. Allow to dissolve half way through its cube size, remove the potash with a spoon from the warm water. Take some mouthful of the warm potash water and hold it in there but do not it, swish the potash water around in the mouth for few minutes and then spit out. Repeat the process three times, morning afternoon and night until the pain significantly goes down or until a dentist is within reach to handle the toothache. Alternatively, pick a tiny potash and pound into powder, wash the hands clean to avoid re infecting the tooth then pick some of the powdered potash with the forefinger and carefully place at the root canal of the aching tooth, alternatively mix the powdered potash with just a drop of clean water then use a clean cotton bud to pick some of the potash solution to rub on the root or gum around the aching tooth, do not swallow. After a while spit out the potash and repeat the process until it reduces the pain. The pains significantly becomes bearable because the tooth pain is caused by bacterial infection which the potash quickly attacks the bacteria and thus stops the pain until a doctor is reached. Another remedy consists of ginger, garlic, salt, and cloves, combine all in a potable mortar and pound with the pestle into a paste; use the clean cotton bud to scoop some of the paste and place around the root of the aching tooth, hold it in place with the tongue for a while, spit it out every 15 minutes and repeat the process until a professional is close by. The chill water remedy also helps but not every one can handle chilled water or towel around the face but for those who can, put an ice cube in a towel and wrap around the ice cube then place on the skin close to the aching tooth, the use of this remedy can also be used for swollen body pains to bring down the swellings, it also helps to reduce the eye bags if placed on on the eyes bags. A used tea bag, or cucumber slices that has been frozen or chilled does the same in reducing the noticeable appearance of eyes bags.
The over moistened skin between toes can cause the growth of bacteria and fungus consequently weakens the skin leading to cracks; the infection between the toes due to wetness can be remedy by using salt or anti-fungal powder, immediately the skin between the toes begins to cut with the skin turning white-pale in color, pick some salt or anti-fungal powder between the fingers and fill up the space between the infected toes.
The common cold, cough, catarrh and sore throats can be control and make bearable by some simple kitchen ingredients. Chewing raw onions help to clear the mucus blocking the air ways. The lemon tea and ginger brew; on low heat brew any favorite tea leaves, add in some cloves and ginger to infused all its vital healing properties.
Strain the tea brew into a tea cup add some lemon juice and sweeten with honey. Enjoy whilst healing the sore throat and cough. Take as often as needs be until a relief is notice around nasal congestion. It is advisable to also take lots of fluid especially freshly squeezed fruits to relief symptoms of nasal congestion and common cold.
The lemon juice mix with warm water or tea can assist for smooth and healthy functioning of the guts, helps bowel movement to easily remove human waste, reduce indigestion and constipation.
The dates, milk, cloves and ginger is a delightfully soothing drink. Bring to boil some fresh milk, add in ginger, cloves and some dates. Simmer until the date is soften, open it up and remove the dates core. Sweeten if need be with honey, remove the cloves and ginger and enjoy a chewy healthy and healing drink.
What happens when a gas cooker suddenly caught fire? The first option is to call an expert in, which may take a lot of valuable moment that can be used to put it under control before their arrival. The must vital thing to do first is to pick fast and soak a large towel in water and quickly cover the burning gas to avoid explosion then quickly call in an experienced person.
When a burn happens in the kitchen due to hot water, cooking oil or fire burns quickly cover the spot with all purpose flour just like; the POP. If available break some fresh eggs and cover the spot with the eggs; Allow to air dry, which will help in quickly stopping the heat from the burns from causing a danger or leaving a scar.

Lemon Fruits
Lemon tangy taste or sourness is derived from its excellent loads of citric acid, while its zest contains a great amount of essential oil which helps to prevent kidney stones is rich source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant that is loaded with healthy benefits and remedies; it boost the immune system by helping to protect and prevent common infections, lowers cholesterol and promotes heart health by its potency to ease the oxidative damage on the blood vessels. Vitamin c is also potent in preventing anemia by assisting in iron absorption. Lemon slice to control body odors, slice into two equal half’s the lemon and rub all over under arm to stop the smelly armpits sweats. Alternatively mix lemon juice with grounded musk powder and apply all over sweaty spots on the body especially the underarm.
A super-food spice that not only change completely the taste of a dishes but also leaves behind a lingering flavor of its Allicin properties. The garlic is not a favorite of many due to its strong aroma and flavor but for health reasons many are force to eat in meals or swallow its bulbs for curative purpose. It helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body but take in moderation because too much of garlic simply changes the body’s natural odors to the pungent smell of the garlic.
Onion or garlic and honey remedy, peel some onions into a bowl. Cut into slices then transfer into a blender and add honey. Blend into a smooth paste, scoop into a small bowls and lick often to relief cold and nasal congestion. Organic Honey is a natural sweetener and remedy for cough and common cold problems.
Ginger is not only a spice that enhance the taste and aroma of dishes and drinks but it is an effective herbal root that helps to treat diarrhea, stomach problems, nausea and vomiting.
Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidant and with daily intake helps to increase alertness; way ahead in nutrients than a lot of black teas with its antioxidant that assist in fighting off diseases, protects the body’s cell from damage cause by free radicals, lowers some types of cancers and heart diseases.

Lemon Concentrate Or Syrup
The best time to make lots of lemon concentrate is when the lemon is ripe and juice, to avoid waste make the lemon concentrate which can be store for longer and used in almost every recipe that needs the lemon flavor or juice to zest it up. The lemon concentrate serves as the common cold remedy which is a natural alternative to cough or cold syrup. Scoop a teaspoon and lick it away thrice daily and watch as the congested throat and chest is relieved of mucous.

Recipe Ingredients
Lemon juice
Honey or sugar
Airtight jars
Ginger or cloves

Recipe Steps
Go over to the lemon tree and pick as many as is required to make the lemon concentrate. Rinse with clean water all the lemon juice then peel off the zest and reserve for another amazing home remedy for knee or joint pains.
Cut into two equal parts all the lemon juice,  and extract the juice using the juice extracting machine or the handy juice.
Strain to remove the Pitt and the fibers then pour into a stainless pot,  add Fresh Ginger slices and cloves.
Next is to add in the sugar or honey then stir all together until it is blended in with the lemon juice.
On low heat,  place the juice mixture and slowly simmer until it is syrup and sets when it is drop in clean water.
Allow to cool completely, then transfer into a clear airtight bottle or jar.
Seal properly, label appropriately and store on the kitchen shelf or the refrigerator.
Whenever the need arises reach for it and use as it is desire for making lemon juice drinks, lemonade, mix fruits drinks, and it is a fantastic addition to fruity smoothies or lemon cake and above all just make lemon drop or candy.

Lemon And Olive Pain Reliever
The mixture consist olive oil and the lemon peels reserved from the use of lemon therefore reduce waste of the lemon peels completely.

Recipe Ingredients
Lemon peels
Olive oil
Airtight jar

Recipe Steps
Shred into tiny stripes the lemon peels and feed all into the bottle jar.
Fill up the jar with the olive oil, shake properly to cover all the lemon peels and see it floating around in the olive oil.
Now cover it tightly and place in a cool place for several weeks or until the the zesty natural oil of the lemon peels are infused into the olive oil.
Notice the color changes into a darken green liquid of the two colors of both the olive oil and the yellow of the lemon; next take a sniff of the stuff and perceived a soothingly lemony scent.
Then it is ready for use,  whenever it is needed shake the bottle well to mix it in, pour out a few drops of the oil and rub all over the knees or joints.
Repeat morning afternoon and before going to bed and see how the joint or knee inflammations melts away.
While at it make sure to do yoga stretches and exercise for the proper absorption of the lemon zesty oil.

Lemon And Honey Juice
A refreshingly tangy drink to enjoy during sunny days and winter nights to protect against the common colds. Also helps greatly in aiding digestion and assist in weight loss. Prevents all forms of nauseating or vomiting symptoms.

Recipe Ingredients
Fresh juicy lemon
Sweetener of choice preferably the honey
Fresh Ginger
Mint leaves, lemon zest or leaves
Lemongrass, rinse and shaped into ecofriendly straws
Ice cubes

Recipe Steps
Mix lemon juice,  sweetener or honey zest it with lemon peels, mint leaves then add water into the jug, stir to mix and serve as a refreshing drink with ice in tall glasses and drop in an ecofriendly lemongrass straw just to keep away as much plastic from the homestead as possible.

Self-Sustainability And The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The economic, social and environment are the three vital pillars of sustainability for achieving a long lasting prosperity for self and development for the world:-
The economic development involves putting under control the consumption pattern by doing the right thing for the people and the environment without any negative impacts on the quality of life for the present and the future.
The social development aspects of life is about the maintenance of access to basic resources in a manner that does not compromise the quality of life such as building sustainable houses with the use of sustainable materials; social responsibility of everyone in the community must involves the protection of the environment and teaching one another about environmental sustainability, above all it is vital for legislation to institute laws against harmful practices that may cause pollution in order to protect the health of everyone and the environment.
The impact of human activities on the environment leads to environmental damage, pollution, fossil fuel issues and the cutting down of trees that destabilized the soil; hence the need for environmental protection is all about the future of humanity that must begin today by protecting the ecosystem, the atmospheric air, and the sustainability of natural resources.

Goal 1👉 No Poverty
Financial prudence and responsibility is about saving and investing money in important areas for the self sustainability of a self sufficient lifestyle in order to succeed in the new lifestyle; it is all about a lifestyle the self can afford therefore the self must reduce consumption of non-sustainable goods and services. 
Poverty affects everyone directly or indirectly at some point in life when struggling to make it or when things change in life and normal ways of living changes to the abnormal, hence poverty prevention becomes for the rich a crucial aspect of life in order to keep it at bay while for the millions of people living in extreme poverty, eradicating poverty becomes a lifetime ambition. A new lifestyle for both the rich and the poor is a way forward and a path towards meeting the SDG goals in pushing the wheel of progress faster as a bridge between the rich and the poor. Millions are daily struggling for the most basic human needs which can be easily handle in the most simple of human activities such as recycling; making a living selling recyclable refuse. Household items or gadgets that are still functional must be maintained and reused while the faulty ones are fix, repair or recycle for an extended use in order to reduce waste. Treasure out of the trash has been seen all around the globe to alleviate the poorest of the poor out of poverty.

Goal 2 👉 Zero Hunger
Access to sufficient and nutritious food for the families in all seasons is achievable through the homesteading farms or gardens with only very few of the major staple food crops needs to be purchase if at all from the community markets. The self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle supports adequately the sustainable agricultural practices through every individuals efforts in promoting small scale farming in the households gardens or the homestead farms. 

Goal 3 👉 Good Health And Well-being
Organic farming is geared towards naturally produced food crops without any chemical additives that are responsible for a lot of emerging diseases. After healthy food consumption comes in the needed health intervention by the relevant community leaders which involves access to safe and affordable medicines and vaccines for everyone in the community but remember that prevention is better than cure which the healthy and nourishing meals has hitherto provided hence limiting infections and diseases. As a homesteading self sufficient and sustainable person with an amazing array of colorful fruits and vegetables, so why not cut down on eating meat, fish, poultry and all other meat products which involves the use of more resources that impact on the environment when compared to the plant based diet. A self sufficient and sustainable living must guarantee the healthcare of the whole families, in as much as the new lifestyle is geared towards a healthy way of life, remember to also vaccinate every family member including the self.

Goal 4 👉 Quality Education
Life long learning begins from the cradle to the grave and once that responsibility receives the most vital attention when it matters most which is at cradle then all others becomes easy to achieve.
Education is one of the most important tools for achieving almost all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; education is the key to break away from the cycle of poverty.
Free basic education and vocational training is a head start in the right direction by relevant authority but it is advisable not to leave completely the education of boys and girls in the hands of the teachers alone; taking control from where the public or private schools left it off will help for continuity and a life long learning.
Education empowers everyone living everywhere to live a healthy, wealthy and sustainable lives which also leads to mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the community.

Goal 5 👉 Gender Equality
A beautiful way to empower all girls and women begins from the homestead or households because the female gender is naturally a caregiver who stands out as one of the best front line hero in the home.
Gender equality is a crucial foundation for the fundamental human rights of all women and girls which also aids for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world; women as peace givers anywhere would push faster for the goals in achieving all its objectives because a happy home breeds a happy world. Social progress begins with eradicating gender inequalities by empowering women to be self reliant; women and girls starting off at the very root handling with the tender touch, the self sufficient and sustainable journey tends to empower the female gender to stand her own anywhere at anytime. When the basic necessities the female gender goes out in search of is within reach at the homestead there would be no windows for discrimination and consequently the gender inequality issues.

Goal 6 👉 Clean Water And Sanitation
There is a need to collect rainwater during the rainy seasons, then recycle it, purify and strain out impurities then use in the garden or use for washing up any washable around the home thereby reducing water waste; the scarcity of clean drinking water is a reality in most rural communities across the globe. Therefore for the Nigerian people, the rainy season makes for accessibility and availability of water hence, with water, water every where, what readily comes to mind is to collect the rainwater and make the best use of it.
The rainwater collected is as pure as it can be and amazingly much more clarified than some tap water which is so cloudy and funny tasting, whereas the rainwater collected is used for washing clothing, dishes, for car owners it is an opportunity to stay off car wash parks. Rainwater used for cooking are allowed to settle completely, then with a cheese cloth the water is strain in order to catch and discard impurities; subsequently, the water is boiled and store in earthen clay pot to cool further and then used for cooking and drinking.
The self sufficient and sustainable living would assist in ensuring that clean water is available through its sustainable water management and sanitation that takes care of proper waste management. Helping to eradicate water waste subsequently water scarcity. Access to safe and affordable drinking water is a vital human essential. Amongst others includes the restoration of water related ecosystem and hygiene education.

Goal 7 👉 Affordable And Clean Energy
The off-the-grid survival, if not totally practiced it can be adopted once in a while to cut down energy use and reduce its impacts on the atmospheric space which affects the environment as a whole; when people within a given community learn to adopt and adapt to making the basic infrastructural provisions for self such as energy supply, clean water, manage food and water that in itself will reduce water and food waste. The over reliance on the public institution would financially go down leaving the limited revenue that has hitherto used for several other community projects to be focus on the much more crucial and life saving necessities such as medicines and medical centers etc. When a population is faced with making the necessary provisions for the basic infrastructure, they would be more committed towards personally owing such infrastructures by their attitudes towards its care, management and protection from vandalism which is most often not there for the government owned due to negligence, I don’t care attitude and the popular saying that “na government property” forgetting that government property na their property” meaning that it is the responsibility of the government to watch over and protect such infrastructure despite the reality on ground that it is put in place for the people. The Borno state Nigeria has been off grid on January 2021 to date, putting the populace into an untold hardship because the over reliance on the use of electricity from the national grid; the acts of vandalism on the electricity towers and installations abruptly threw the state into a total darkness with only the sun to light up the day and the darkness lean on to the moonlight to see through the thickness of night black out. One very noticeable events during the period of electricity outage in Borno State especially during the Harmattan seasons the hazy cold weather was like never before, absolutely unbearable for the populace who were not used to such windy cold are experiencing a new weather which hitherto last for barely 3 (three) months, but the Harmattan that started November 2021 lasted for 4 (four) Months and this might not be unconnected with the decreased carbon emissions from the power grid; just as climate change contributes to the increase in demand for electricity which also leads to outages due to over use consequently, increasing demands of electricity means an increase in the carbon emissions on the environment, it is a continuous circle. The businesses that live on to survive on the electricity has completely gone off business, youths with only the hair clipper to give a hair cut can not afford to run a generator while retailers selling ice cold goods can not go on due to lack of cold storage facilities to preserve the shelf life of such products had to go out of production because such homemade juices. The frozen food market segment has melted into oblivion caused by the unavailability of iced blocks to keep the fresh fish, chicken, meat, vegetables and fruits preserved and fresh until buyers exhaust the supply; such food items are out of many families menu. The need for an alternative and sustainable means of power generation becomes not only a necessity but an essential means of survival in a region that is just a few feet away from the Sahara desert, reasons for the unbearable and unbeaten desert heat engulfed the northeast of Nigeria making it absolutely crucial to control the hot weather and to protect food produce from spoilage. The 15 months of power outage in Borno state has driven many people to put on their thinking cap to find ways of survival, youths going into the do it yourself crafts to produced light to light up the darkness, for the rich who can afford it the solar panels became parts of their households necessity as a standby to their powerful generator that if allowed can power a whole town. Life goes on while others who can only afford the battery for their torchlight, the rechargeable battery are also an essential in homes to use at night. The best move by the government was the provision of solar street lights along major high ways, provision of solar panels for hospitals and government organizations all aim at alternative power generation, worthy of note is that the off grid the state was forced into has save millions of Naira for the government while the populace has to juggle the meager income within reach between food and power provision.

Eco Friendly Energy And Electricity
Global greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption are the major contributors to climate change; Global warming is dangerously affecting the protective layer in the atmospheric sphere known as ozone layer; responsible for protecting lives from the adverse effects of the sun rays on living things. Consequently, an increased in the temperature on the atmosphere that is heating up so fast than anyone can imagine, consequently the climate change and crisis. Human activities are responsible for global warming and climate change therefore it is the responsibility of humans to correct this harmful human activities by doing the right thing at the right time to prevent further global warming. An alternative energy source, that is healthy for the people and the planet hence avoid the use of fossil fuels and go for the eco friendly energy source that will aid tremendously in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
The most popular and go green energy alternatives are the wind and the solar power, eco friendly energy to reduce dependence and the use of fossil fuels. The sun is up there waiting for its shining glory to benefits the world; the wind cooling gifts is priceless making both the wind and sunlight accessible and available. The sunlight is an alternative domestic source of energy for use as solar energy when the cells inside solar panels trap and transform the sun’s radiation into electricity which supply the sunshine as an eco-friendly energy to light up hearts and homes. Solar energy is a renewable energy that is collected from natural renewable sources, a cost effective way to reduce home expenses and above all not harmful to the environment.
Wind turbine converts the wind energy into electricity when the turbine propeller-like blades rotates continuously around a rotor, subsequently it helps turn the drive shaft that turns on the electric generator or mechanical power which is then converted into electricity to power buildings. Wind turbine often times called the wind farms, how appropriate for the the homesteading or household farms. The turbines are located on mountain ridges, open fields or the offshore lakes or oceans where it will easily catch and collect the winds. Wind turbine do not release carbon emissions that can cause pollution, have no known harmful effects on the environment. Therefore the use of wind turbine to generate electricity may also help to reduce the need from fossil fuels, thus assist in reducing electricity bills, carbon dioxide emissions and most importantly has a small physical footprint. The wind and sunlight are clean energy sources, assist in cutting down toxic pollution. It is inexhaustible and sustainable, healthy source of energy for everyone and the environment; go green which will help contribute towards making the planet cleaner and greener.
It is advisable to always turn off lights, switches and appliances when it is not in use and when going out of the house thus helping to conserve energy and reduce electricity meter Billings. Imagine the life of the people in Borno State Nigeria Who has been off grid since January 2021 to date who solely rely on the generator for energy; the generator needs fuel which is so expensive in order to provide the much needed energy. Is it possible to then power on the generator and leave it on whilst doing other chores? That is absolutely never going to happen because once the fuel dries out then the energy goes off and to have it back on then more fuel purchase using the hard to get income. Therefore, the saying that goes thus “once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop!”; the careless use of public utility has drummed home this saying for better understanding. Action must be taken, it is a reality in the face of current climate change to do the right thing at the right time, and the time is NOW to make the only planet A habitable and sustainable because there is no planet B elsewhere to live.

Goal 8 👉 Decent Work And Economic Growth
Decreasing unemployment globally for the youth is another speedy way to achieve the sustainable development goals. A sustained and inclusive economic growth begins with each individual from various communities who must share in the progress of the society by increasing Informal employment opportunities for every member of the communities through gardens and farms, recyclable projects and many others to help keep the populace engaged and employed. Self sufficient living has a great many ways of contributing to the sustainable development goals, right from the farm to fork stages; composting food scraps and the excess food made available due to so many other reasons which can assists in recycling nutrients through mulching and organic manures while also helping to reduce the climate impact.

Goal 9 👉 Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure
The success of the self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle depends on major community infrastructure such as transport, irrigation, innovation and technology that many individual can not provide for themselves which would help to empower communities thus achieving sustainable development collectively. Any special reason for anyone going on for miles in order to stock up on groceries and essential supplies? When healthier and cheaper alternative is just a few steps away; then shop locally by helping to improve on the economy of the communities whilst keeping many employed in the neighborhood, thereby cutting off the transportation footprints that involves driving to and fro for longer hours and increasing carbon emissions in the process. 

Goal 10 👉 Reduced Inequality
Income inequalities would decline within communities practicing self sustained lifestyle helping to improve peoples self worth and a sense of satisfaction. Starting up a garden orchard is as easy as not throwing away fruit seeds or its core; to begin with go fill any obsolete container or sachet that is not in used with earth that has been mix with organic manure of the powdered banana peels, sprinkle water all over to keep it moist; then plant the fruit seeds that has been hitherto collected and there you have a mini nursery for fruit seedlings that can either be sold or planted as a fruit tree. Simple living is simple eating, farm to fork is all about eating a diet that is made up of plants and whole food meals thereby letting go of food with artificial preservatives that has been over processed and packaged in plastics. Consequently leading to harmful ingestion of food loaded with toxins from plastic packages with deadly health risk, thus encouraging plastic pollution which has reach an alarming rate causing deadly consequences in life underwater by choking the very life out of rare fishes and mammals; while also affecting life on land by squeezing the air out of animals and humans through suffocation. The need to reduce food footprints is crucial for the environment in order to reduce methane and green house gases, hence buying fresh food produce closer to homes or by going over to the neighborhood markets and households farms for fresh farm produce would help significantly in achieving the above mentioned goals; it is also a delicious but healthy way to feed. Thereby helping to support the local farmers to generate more income and create employment for the jobless; removing in the supply chain the use of plastic bags and packages because most fresh produce are placed in raffia and straw bags which are biodegradable thus cause no environmental harms.

Goal 11 👉 Sustainable Cities And Communities
The increasing rural to urban migration would be put under control when many moving into the cities realized that the rural lifestyle they are running away from is what is obtainable in the cities with much more space restrictions and conditions. Life in the cities is pushing many out of town despite the fact that millions of ignorant village dwellers are daily moving into the city centers, thereby making life more difficult for many families to cope with inflation, lack of basic amenities and over stretched infrastructures; hence the need for an alternative way to strive and survive within one’s initiatives. Homesteading is living self sufficiently by surviving the natural way with the best use of available resources within ones means, like growing your own food if not staple at least vegetables, fruits and herbs; baking your own bread with the flour purchased at the local market. Food in seasons come cheap so eat in season by buying the seasonal produce to feed on and preserve excess for when it is out of season which will help to cut down on the housekeep expenses. Homesteading seems to be much more than just a craving for a primitive way of life to live in the cities, thus self sufficiency and sustainability becomes the bridge if not for the long term then for the short term until maybe a significant change to reverse the climate change is achieve for sustainability. A lot of option are all around to plan and plant food crops that can be nurtured in home backyards or obsolete containers like broken clay pots; rabbit rearing in makeshift cages for business or family meals, the chicken and eggs making available for the family breakfast table nourishing egg dishes also taking care of egg and chicken supply for food ventures thus more income to reinvest and expand the home business.

Goal 12 👉 Responsible Consumption And Production
Sustainability involves the most crucial support for responsible goods and services that are sustainable; the way goods and natural resources are produced and consumed is completely different in the self sufficient lifestyle. Whereas pollutants and toxic waste are efficiently and effectively handled, subsequently helping to reduce global ecological footprint in order to protect natural resources needed to sustain humanity; go organic and engage in sustainable buying of fresh produce and products which helps in encouraging eco friendly businesses that support the healthiness of the planet.

Goal 13 👉 Climate Action
The world changing objectives of the sustainable development goals, includes and involves every single human on earth in order to make a positive impact in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals; such as the actions and goals of responsible leadership towards financial investment in climate change that would promote human activities that are eco friendly. A few tips involves cutting down on energy waste, and to also help reduce carbon emission by ditching the washing machine and clothes dryers, at least once in a while; sweating it out to wash with the hands helps to exercise the human torso and to also make clothes last longer by drying clothes on racks or line fix in the garden to naturally air or sun dry, it sure feels different on the body and much more healthier, and a tremendous reductions on households overhead expenses. Reducing global emissions the fastest way possible would help speed up the sustainable development goals initiatives. Contribute to the sustainable development goals in any way possible because nothing is too small for the goals, a small step towards the right direction could be as simple as just sharing the issues of concern about the climate change.
Climate change laws and implementation are necessary in order to tackle environmental vulnerabilities; nations of the world must move to cleaner and low carbon economies which starts from the communities that are made up individuals living a self sufficient and sustained lifestyles. Pollution control to assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of harmful chemicals that gets released into the environment; green transportation will help to power vehicles and industrial facilities so cut down on the use of vehicles by walking or riding on a bicycle or better still if you must then ride in a green vehicle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions on the environment.

Goal 14 👉 Life Below Water
Natural resources and habitat are essential to the smooth functioning of the planet; providing foods, medicines, biofuels. Many aspect of the self sufficient lifestyle involves fish farming with an aim at reducing the exploitation of fishes and mammals; thereby protecting coastal ecosystems and preventing extinctions of rare species. Animal managements practices that also avoid the use of hormones and antibiotics in order to keep chemicals and toxic waste out of the food chain and waterways.

Goal 15 👉 Life On Land
Human activities leads to natural disasters that most often are responsible for deforestation, loss of natural habitats and biodiversity, hence the urgent need to reverse the trend thereby it becomes vital to practice the self sufficient lifestyle which transfers controls to the individuals living within communities. Ecofriendly food production and processing such as organic farms that avoid use of pesticides is sustainable farming for healthier food produce and products.

Goal 16 👉 Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
War, insecurities, crime and violence are all some of the leading causes of destructive impacts on lives and livelihoods. Peace and Justice becomes the responsibility of responsible leadership. The leaders and populace must work together in harmony to ensure inclusive participation for sustainable solutions to conflicts and insecurity in order to avoid war.
Speak up and Never be silent about things that matters; give a voice for others that are less fortunate in and around the neighborhood in particular and the world as a whole. All for one and one for all; give a voice against discrimination in any form, all with a single voice to make things work by protecting the rights of the downtrodden in the society, turn things around for the better, the right way and help improve the lives of humanity.

Goal 17 👉 Partnerships to achieve the goal
The self sufficient and sustainable persons must not live in complete isolation, there is a need for partnership with community leaders and other important stake holders within and outside the community.

Go Green And Live A Green Life
Go green and live a green life, why is it necessary? After reading this you will go green with envy! This is why; living a lifestyle that is free of harm to people and the planet but encourages its health, stability and sustainability. Therefore when you take from the earth resources then give back double in return in order not to throw nature out of balance but to replenish, and preserve the earth’s natural resources for sustainability of future generations.
A green living is a life that daily contributes healthily to the benefit of everyone and the environment, therefore a changed lifestyle is a life lived for preservation instead of utilization with disregard to its impacts on sustainability; the only constant in life is change which means that life is unpredictable and natural events can within seconds alter everything in life so it is vital to be proactive and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by living a smart life today. The earth needs everyone to live a lifestyle that strives and thrives on green living in order to daily bring on a fresh breathe of air not only for the planet but for people and this can only be possible if human activity reduce its carbon footprint. Mother earth is hurting and weeping bitterly due to human activities that is boring holes into the core of her soul to excavate and empty her of precious natural resources with disregard to the implications of taking without giving back; earthly possessions to dispossessed the earth of its natural resources. Vanity upon vanity all is vanity as the saying goes; the most expensive shoes, accessories and wears cost $millions and the trend keep changing every season and the question to ask is, where are people wearing such expensive wears to, heaven? who are they trying to impress there? If it is hell then the fashion aim is defeated before reaching there! The very rich and vain people are investing €millions in researches and the best method to keep the human cells frozen at a certain age to use as a replacement whenever necessary with the sole aim of living an ageless life in order to live on “Earth” forever whilst human daily and deadly activities are responsible for the short life span of the human race not forgetting the fact that shuttling into Space is contributing to emerging diseases and the ever rising climate change; investment in climate change is much more than just a step in the right direction, so crucial that it is a matter of life and death. The monies wasted on human activities and greed can bring a positive and progressive change in the lives of millions that are suffering from diseases, starvation and displacement due to natural man-made disasters caused by man’s inhumanity to man; While billions of people are living with disabilities and are daily pleading to the rich to reach down and lift them up but to no avail instead monies are tied down for inhumane activities.
The heart of man/woman needs to change from egoistic and greedy lifestyle of living to oppress others who are less fortunate; Mother Nature needs tender loving care, that can change a lot of things around positively, invest in climate change and climate crisis in order to reverse the dangerous course the planet is speeding to, therefore invest in nature, save to “save” the planet. Environmental investment to ease the burden humanity places on the environment is vital and it includes power generation through wind and solar renewable energy; it is vital to conserve water in order to replenish fresh water supplies before the world run out of water due to climate change while the hydro power is an efficient and cost effective means of electricity generation, subsequently some waste can be incinerated to help increase generation of energy. Whereas waste management would greatly help to reduce waste by recycling all recyclable, to reprocessed and reused waste that can be revamped at home in the most hygienic and healthy ways.
Be smart and save by reducing unnecessary expenses which involves the buying of things for over indulgence, expensive foods, drinks, travels and the so called treasured findings; avoid too much of everything, excesses in life are “useless” so use less. Spend more time in the natural environment, so leave and live in the outdoors be one with the earth and enjoy nature at its best; over sheltered building only imprisoned the human, if not permanently then schedule a weekly or monthly date with nature, walk barefooted and feel the sand grits on the sole of your feet, take a walk through the woods and go hug a tree, let the air blow the hair on your head freely then notice the natural air on the scalp, it automatically massages the brain to feel brilliant with all the brain sensors sharper than it was before the fresh breeze of nature. Go green and renew the connection of a life born anew, reach deep down into the depth of the earth and transform the soul within the core of you.

Self sufficiency is not living in isolation rather isolating the self from activities that are not environmentally friendly, in order to save money and to save the earth. Self sustainability must walk natures pathway by reducing carbon footprint through conserving energy so switch it off when it is not in use; an action that will reduce energy output by using the most energy efficient products. The garbage, refuse or waste generated must be efficiently and effectively managed, therefore reduce, reuse or recycle everything that has not reach end of life; do not trash it, treasure it. The tool box, sewing kits, fix-it set and gardening tools are an essential around the homestead or household anytime and any day to revamp or recreate something different from the original; practice makes permanent, do not give it up rather go fix it. Self-sufficiency leads to self sustainability and it is all about living an eco-friendly life for humanity, the planet and the generation yet unborn!