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Fruitful Fresh Fruits!

A fruit is the edible, fleshy or pulpy part of a ripened ovary that contains the seeds of a flowering plant or tree; fruits usually consist of mostly soft and succulent tissues often sweet scenting of nature, it may either be fleshy or dry fruits on the plant or tree, simply put fruits are naturally

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Just a poem

My heart knows I am taken, but my brain says I am free. I’ll give all I have to give,until I am all you expect from me. I will work harder and longer,until I can offer all you need. It just that I was hoping that I would be all you need. My heart says

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Looking back at 2020

I think none of us could have expected what 2020 would bring at the beginning of this year, especially not me. Full of expectations in my private and professional life, I was looking forward to 2020 like I can not remember ever having looked forward to a new year. And it started good, too. Until

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