Fan Your Thoughts Into Flames And Let The World Feel The Heat!

My origin is from Borno State, Nigeria. lived all my life in Maiduguri. I am from a family of seven (7) Dad, Mom, my four brothers, and me the only girl, and the last born of the family.
I had my nursery/primary education just a walking distance from my home. Right from my elementary school days, my teachers noticed that I am a brilliant easy-going kid; always busy reading and never miss school activities.
After my primary education with excellent results; my parents seek admission for me in a day secondary school for the fear of sending me to a boarding school far away from home. Honestly, I came out top in all my examinations and gain admission into the University of Maiduguri immediately with two admissions one to study Maths and the second to study Business Mgt. I decided to study Business Management (Marketing). I graduated with a first degree BSc. With my business education at the university; I couldn’t stop following @Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag on Twitter!
It is mandatory to serve the Nation, NYSC. The first time of leaving home to another state to live for one year to serve my fatherland which I did in Niger State.
I returned home after my service year the issue of me getting married came up, but my university sweetheart decided to marry his cousin before my return from NYSC.
Life must go on; so I enrolled in a computer diploma program to study computer repairs and maintenance with on-the-job training for six months… that is why I love @GeekOnTheLoose keeping me informed about all the training I had. I fix computers, handsets, electronics, small generators, etc


I am a bookworm; I believe every book you come across you will see a part of me in it; I am so obsessed with reading. I have read every book I came across; every single Best Seller Novel; almost all the books in my school libraries. I invested my pocket money in buying books, my treasures and prized possessions are “BOOKS.” My love for books began as a kid of 6 years old; my late dad blessed his memories, always gives me his newspapers to read after him. As a child it was a huge responsibility wanting to impress daddy, I challenged myself to learn more every day. While in primary school out of a class of 45 pupils I maintain the seventh position in grades but that wasn’t good enough for dad. One day my dad was with a guest; I ran to him happy with my results this time 2nd position; my dad was so angry and he said; “Fati, the boy that took the first position has how many heads?” I told dad one head. Dad said, “if he can be the first in a class of 45 pupils; YOU FATI CAN!” That was it, I became unstoppable in my quest to seek knowledge, and hence my curiosity soar just like that of a “CAT” my favorite pet!

My inspiration to write was greatly influenced by The Book Of Psalms And The Book Of Proverbs in the Holy Bible of Old Testaments. I have several copies of the Holy Bible both the New and Old testaments; While in college, we’re given both the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Bible. My Christian friends love to share the beautiful stories of Jesus with me; during holidays with nothing much to do I’ll read the Holy Bible cover to cover; with due respect honestly, I know the Holy Bible much more than “Sunday Christians.” Then, I came across the most beautiful short and romantic verses ever written, The Book Of Psalms (Songs Of Solomon). With reading comes writing, I love to write so much, I started writing recipes, proverbs, natural home tips, and health remedies, etc.

The internet made life so easy, with every click I learn more; so I decided to research deep into my natural gifts which is just a hobby. Home remedies from the kitchen, healthy recipes, not just any delicious meal because I am very into prevention is better than cure… you are what you eat. I encourage all my family members to eat healthy, always encouraging them to try the food as medicine first before taking synthetic drugs; e.g. headaches at times are trigger by dehydration which goes away immediately after drinking water. I’m so good at using food from the kitchen for health remedy but when it persists I’ll suggest for them to see a doctor. I can sew, knit, craft, make sketches using pencils.


Life is a gift and NEVER is LIFE within the CONTROL of ANY mortal. Life is so beautiful always appreciate the free gifts of life because that CAN change within a blink of the eyes; while we are making plans the BEST of planners Almighty GOD is making HIS plans. After my 6 months Diploma Program in Computer Repairs and Maintenance, I enrolled immediately for my MBA in 2009 and I got a job with a Bank which was NEVER to be. The War began On Monday, July 2009, it was a normal beautiful day and I never miss my fast on Mondays and Thursdays including of course Ramadan. I was making Fruits Salad for breaking off my fasting at around 5 pm evening when we heard the call to prayers which was absolutely abnormal; MAIDUGURI was under-siege by terrorists. We locked up our gate and flee to the Shehu’s Palace because it was much safer fortified by the police. That faithful day, I had to break my fast with just a tea bag in cold water. We had to return home the following day for food; for four 4 days Monday to Thursday, the terrorists over-run the city of Maiduguri, No electricity, no movements, no phone calls, no radios no tv. A total stand-still in all aspects of life. That was the beginning of the MOST harrowing experience that CAN EVER be imagined. Borno became one of the MOST dangerous places to live in the whole World ranked amongst the first four in the World!


Life in Borno State and Maiduguri in particular; from 2009 till 2021 was a ghost of its former self. The city was known as the home of peace became a home of pieces. Corpses and body bags liters the streets, rocket grenade launchers became the order of the day; AK 47-49 was just a child play ricochet all over the city; every bomb blast in the mosques, churches, markets, hospital, offices, any gatherings takes away souls averaging hundreds of lives. (For details Google Borno, Maiduguri 2009-date).

Families became homeless, houses set ablaze and businesses crumbled, every street has a road block mounted by the military and the civilian JTF. Almost ALL the villages moved into Maiduguri. We converted one of our family compound’s to accommodate extended families, friends and in-laws. We provided shelter, food and clothing for many. One of My senior brother worked in Lagos Customs; God blessed his soul who passed on June 2019 was a life-saver; he took responsibility of feeding and catering for all our needs. A special grant he sent every month for the feeding of the Internally Displaced People’s in our house, food and clothing was also sent by him. Life is gradually getting back to normal, hopefully and praying the north and generally Nigeria will be peaceful, Ameen!