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Sunshine and rain

It is easy to complain about the rain when you are not willing to understand that rain is actually the reason we can even exist on this planet. Look at what happens when we have another very dry and hot summer. It is also easy to complain about the heat and many will even hope …

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Saying sorry

Saying sorry is easy, even when a lot of people don’t even do that. We all make mistakes, and some mistakes have more impact than we realize. Especially in relationships and friendships, saying sorry when you made a mistake is very important but you have to mean it. You have to mean it and you …

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Tell me a story

“Tell me a story” was my favorite thing when I was a kid. My mom was a wonderful storyteller and she had a simple rule to encourage me tell stories. “You tell me a story and I will tell you a story”. Oh how I loved it when my mother told me a story so …

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Farewell to a friend

Recently I had to say farewell to an old and dear friend, and I was informed about his death at the moment I was grieving for another friend who died 6 years ago. After the first moments of shock, there was a song going through my mind. A special song which I haven’t heard in …

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Admitting mistakes

What we hear and see a lot these days is “let us move on and focus on…” when a problem or mistake is addressed. Especially in politics. This basically says “don’t bother me with the consequences of what I did” and it also says “I do not feel accountable and do not want to be …

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My mother was a fantastic storyteller. Stories about her activities. Stories about the books she was reading. Stories about her plans. Stories I just could not get enough of. Saturday morning, curled up under the cover and listening to a story. For my mother, everything was a story and everything had a story to tell. …

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