Faces of Hamburg – The book

Out of a collection of 200+ images, or to be more precise, images taken from images, I have selected 80 images as the semi-final collection for Faces of Hamburg and posted them here. It might be that I will still make some changes. Some images might still be added, others might be removed, but the majority of the selection is fixed and ready for the next phase of this project.

Now that this phase is (almost) concluded, I am already looking forward to the next phase, which is also the real objective of this project. I want to create a book which shows the post World War II history of the harbor city Hamburg in Germany, based on the images from images I have taken during my trips to Hamburg. For image in the book, I will write a story about the scene in the image, or some historical background, and whatever else might be matching the image. As I see it now, the book will offer interesting information about the free trade city of Hamburg by combining images and backgrounds.

The next step will be to find the ways of publishing the book and make it available for everyone to read. I have to admit that I have never published this way before, because all previous publications have always been technical and handled through an organization that has professional channels for this. So this too will be a new experience and I am looking forward to the lessons I will no doubt learn during the process.

In case you want to support me with tips or share experiences about the publishing process, please contact me at info @ jd-publishing . com!

Faces of Hamburg – the project

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