Sunshine and rain

It is easy to complain about the rain when you are not willing to understand that rain is actually the reason we can even exist on this planet. Look at what happens when we have another very dry and hot summer.

It is also easy to complain about the heat and many will even hope for some rain to cool down. My Mom always said “either get an umbrella to protect yourself and keep complaining, or use your imagination and creativity to find a way to enjoy it!” so we had tons of fun running around in the rain or building “fortresses” for shadow.

At least half of how you experience your life is determined by how you respond to whatever happens or not. And the other half is determined by your willingness to smile and have fun on a rainy day, a hot day, and all the other days. When it comes to friendships and relationships, it all boils down to if you are willing to share an umbrella on a rainy day and create shared shadow on a hot day.