Farewell to a friend

Recently I had to say farewell to an old and dear friend, and I was informed about his death at the moment I was grieving for another friend who died 6 years ago. After the first moments of shock, there was a song going through my mind. A special song which I haven’t heard in many years. Suddenly that song was back and didn’t leave my thoughts.

There is comfort in that song. And grief. And somehow all the right words to express my thoughts. The song is Afscheid van een vriend / Farewell to a friend by the Belgian group Clouseau. And not just that song, I remembered a very special live version. The group is deeply moved by the lyrics and that emotional state is transferred on the audience. I was there, I felt it. And listening to the song now, I feel it again.

The lyrics are very moving and I tried to translate them to English.

Everything is done for good

When you’re ready

I stood by your side

I loved knowing you

I’m staying here now that you are going

And that’s not far from here

We will meet, I don’t know where

But that’s where we meet

Without you, the clock ticks the same

But times have changed

So I say goodbye, you have to go now

Know that you will always be in my heart

Sleep well, you deserve it

You fought until your last breath

So go, now go my friend

And dream calmly forever

You’ll be OK like you always have been

I know you will your place there

And I repeat what you once said to me

I remain faithful to you in my heart

Without you…

I know I should be thankful

But that’s exactly why it hurts so much

Without you…